help tweak my druid on skills and equip


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help tweak my druid on skills and equip

i got this on this druid, any suggestions? im trying to do Hell Baal and CS 8 player and no MFing plz, help my skills and stats

Skills and stats
Enough strength for the stormshield
Enough dex for max block
All remaining in vita

20 Tornado
20 Hurricane
20 Twister
20 Cyclone Armor
1 in all summons
Remaining in Oak sage

With that in mind I suggest the following gear:
Shael Jalal’s Wolf hat
+2 skills, stats, resists, and 50% FHR, which goes a long way towards 99%

Enigma dusk shroud
Low str. Req., teleport, +strength, +2 skills, 45% r/w, and kickass defense. Enough said?

Heart of the Oaks Flail
Resists, 40% FCR, +3 skills

Arachnid Mesh spiderweb belt
Skill and 20% FCR

Trang-Oul’s gloves
Resists and more fcr!

2x FCR/str/mana rings
These take you to the 99% FCR bp and can help with getting enough str for your SS.

Eld Stormshield
the Eld increases your chance to block meaning less points needed in dexterity. The SS has resists, %DR, awesome defense, and a great block %

Mara’s Kaleidoscope
Resistances and 2 skills, and 5 stats. What more could you ask for?
Sandstorm Trek boots
Strength, vitality, 20% FHR, poison res!

On switch
The old, standard Call to Arms flail and Spirit Shield for BO.

Standard anni/hellfire and enough res/life to get to max all resists. After that 3x Elemental/FHR gc will take you to 99% FHR and then you’re free to use Ele gcs as you like or even plain life scs.

Mercenary- Act 2 Combat Nightmare (Holy Freeze)
Eth Vampire’s Gaze for the amazing leech and %damage reduction
Eth Duress Armor for the resists and the crushing blow and open wounds
Eth Insight Polearm for the mana bonus from Meditation and the insane damage


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Your setup is great, but with the merc, you might like to try the following.
Reapers toll - the decrepify increases your damage, breaks pi's and slows.
Delerium - the confuse is wide ranging and triggers often, no swarming possible, works great with vipers on key runs, they target others.
Treachery - fade is great, but you want the merc to hit fast to trigger the ctc spells so 45 ias is nice (Shael the rest)

Best of all, the confuse does not override the decrep on bosses.

Even without leech or dr, my merc never dies except oc to im.


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Any 3os eth armor for merc. The cube glitch should put it at about 1k def. I can post a pic when I'm at home.
Note that this will be a merc only armor, no indistruct or self repair mods, but way worth it in mho.