Help: toxic Necro "popularity" framing me?


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. Hi all, it's been a while since I've been on this forum but I started playing again recently and encountered a bit of an issue with an Assassin who believed me to be someone else. Also sorry for the wall of text, I'm an English Major :p

. I joined a Baal run (dbaal) cause I wanted to grind some levels on my Paladin. The first and second run went pretty cool, up until the third run when people ignored me when I asked for a party invite. I asked politely one more time cause I didn't want to spam them and then said "okay I guess :(." Someone said "lol look at the name he came up with" or something like that, and I said "lol thanks" because a lot of people laugh at my Paladin's name cause they find it funny and clever (HaroldOfZakarum)

. I went onto a Chaos Run (wchaos) and brought it up, not for the sake of complaining or anything, but just as a conversation starter. Turns out the guy (Assassin named "Akon") is somehow associated with the Baal Run (admin of the bot? Idk how it works) and tells me something like "you join server to create trouble" and "they ignore you cause you're being a dick." At first I hard to clarify he was were talking to me and he confirmed.

. The next Chaos run I brought it up because I was really confused. He eventually tells me I'm this guy named "popularity," a Necromancer causing trouble on the server. First of all my Necromancer hasn't even hit level 20 yet, nor am I familiar with this "popularity" guy. So obviously because it's the internet I can't give him a reason to believe me, which I told him along with "I'm not him, take it or leave it," "i just wanna play the game let's drop it" etc, and he'd say stuff like "yeah it's him" or "sure." I eventually realized that when the other people were laughing at my name, they probably though the popularity guy went on another account or something to harass them.

. I understand that if I'm telling the truth, I have less reason to be mad. At some point, his friend whispered to me saying "don't let him get to you, he can be a little paranoid." I felt better at that point, until a couple Chaos Runs later he hostiled me and said something like "whoops misclicked" "I'm lagging I cant unhostile." At this point I got a little agitated and said "look man just leave me be" in which he replies "yup it's him." So I leave the game and decide to just forget about it and find something else to do.

. I join a Dueling game and before I know it, he joins and hostiles me instantly. I get that it's a dueling game but I felt that he was following me just to harass me so when I told him to leave me alone, he just said "...what?" as if he didn't know me. At this point I just logged off and went to sleep.

. To clarify, I'm not mad because he didn't believe me. I'm just upset cause I don't want this to become a constant thing where we cross paths and he harasses me again. I've been playing for over 7 years and I have no incentive for a negative reputation, not do I want one because this is a community I've come to appreciate. So whoever this "popularity" guy is I just hope he hasn't been causing trouble for other people as well. Same goes for the Akon guy. But I'm most likely sure he was just paranoid and didn't mean any further harm, despite handling it really antagonistically.

. Thanks in advance for any input and if not I just kinda needed to get this out because I was frustrated, and in case anyone else has experienced anything similar. :)