Help plz


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edgein said:
i pplanning on makeing a bowazon but im poor as heck so can someone tell me what i should use
Do you have any ideas on what type of bowazon you want to make?Are you playing ladder?


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Strafezon with FA would be a better choice. You will be hurting for mana with this build until about level 35 or so. I am not sure what gear you have available so I will just name a few good lower level runewords that are relatively easy to find and make. Use the best rare bow you can find until you can make an Edge. Then try to make a Treachery armor. Those two should help you get through most of NM if not into hell. Get a Might merc in act 2 NM and get a Valk. Use a decoy liberally and keep improving your gear as you walk through the game.