Help on -% target defence


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Help on -% target defence

Hi, this might seem an obvious question but I have heard differing statements.
How does -% target defence work, is it like it says?
ie Monster has 2000 def, fleshripper reduces def by 50%, monster has in effect 1000 def. So your ar is with respect to 1000 def, not 2000 def?
I hope the above makes sense, I'd appreciate any help on understanding this, I've tried looking it up but it does not seem well covered. Thanks in advance :)


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Not from the top of my head - do remember reading about it recently in the Statistics forums, try looking for it there =)

//edit: Just had the Stat forum open, but didn't see any obvious references to it. Might've been another forum then.

Iirc, it was about sticking a couple Eths in a weapon to get -100% def.


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I think that -%def works at 50% effectiveness in pvp now, but I'm not 100% sure about that, so an eth would reduce by 12% or so in pvp... but don't quote me on that.

I know it WORKS in pvp, but I'm not sure about the penalty.

Stupid search function... 99% of the things I ever want to search for are 3 letters ('eth' in this case) ><


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-% target's defense is divided by two (round down) against all but normal monsters.