Help On::: PvP Javazon


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Help On::: PvP Javazon

Hey everyone i currently making a pvp Javazon.... heres current build...

Armor - Coh
Helm - Griffons
Weapon - Eth Titans Upped or eth Thunderstrokes upped
Ammy - Maras
Rings - 2 Bks or sojs
Shield - Dont know ???
Belt - Thundergods
Gloves - Dont know???
Boots - Gore Riders or Storm boots

Now for the stats---

i have 105 on Strength just enough foor archon coh
I have 110 on Dex Enought for titans SHOULD I ADD MORE???
I have 15 Energy
I have 250 Vitality

What should i put for skills????

Please help



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For shield, Storm Shield is king! Well I'm NL so I dunno what they have to offer in Ladder.

For Gloves, the best would be +2/20%IAS/Resist/Stats rare glove OR
+3Jav/20%IAS magical gloves.


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I got a few tips on your equipment...
For the ammy, I'd never use a maras for a java... I noticed that with my javazon, while using a maras, my attack speed was real slow and i really didnt win anything. Ofc if you can get the ias from somewhere else you could.
But what I recommend would be a cats eye or highlords. Cats eye for the ias, and frw (frw is really much needed) +25 dex comes handy. Some use hl for the ias / +skill combo but imo 25 dex + 30 frw > 1 skill
and 'bout the dex... just put enough for max block.
For rings i would suggest 1 soj and 1 20 dex raven, unless you gain cannot be frozen from somewhere else. for example barbs with the smallest amount of cold dmg will easily kill a javazon who doesnt have cbf.
And NEVER get eth thunderstrokes, since they dont repair themselves, and a javazon which cant throw light furys is quite much a dead javazon...

gl with your build tho :O



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Since your planning on wearing Griffon I's say that the best skill for you to use in PvP would be charged strike, for other skills I would max as many lightning synergys as possible, but still place a few points in the dodge/evade passive skills(these help a ton).
In your equipment:

bk ring-raven is your best combo as it provides cbf, and skills, bk is also better than soj b/c life is a bigger worry than mana.

Boots should be something with good res/stats, gores bonus dont help much when your doing mostly elemental damage, hotspurs are a good option b/c the 15% more max fire res and 35% fire res they provide. Faster run/walk is also a very important mod.

As stated already SS is the way to go for shield and +3java/20ias gloves are the best option for gloves

I also agree that cats eye is a good choice for the ammy, with the key being the faster r/w bonus.