Help nl smiter equip


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Help nl smiter equip

it seems that there isnt any strategy for non ladder smiter......i play only in non ladder which, i cant use grief and thinking of equipment is

helm: coa with 2ber'd
armor: tylers? nigma? coh? (help me here)
glove: rend?, vempire? (help me here)
shield: exile
wpn: doom? asteron? reedeemer? (help me here)
ring: raven, and bk
ammy: mara?, highlords? (help me here)
belt: verdungo

with stats, i think its all same......enough str, enough dex with hs, all vita, none energy.....

max smite
max hs
max defience
max fanta
rest charge

help me out if im going wrong way thx


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helm: i'd go with ber'ed shako.
armor: enigma is ok. ( i did use a duress on mine for a while)
glove: i would use dracs
shield: upped hoz bered.
wpn: asteron +4 combat skills
ring: raven, and bk
ammy: highlords
belt: verdungo


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On my nl smite/charger I used: shako, silence zerk, zak, shaft, dungos, 2 x ravens, gores, bloodfists and highlords. Around 2K damage atm w/ maxed res in hell.


use doom and u will kill other smiters or zealot easily.

asteron cannot compare to doom if no manner takes place.