Help! Newbie on Gambling Exceptional/Elite Items!/


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Help! Newbie on Gambling Exceptional/Elite Items!/

Hey everyone, I am new to Diablo II but have picked it up fairly quickly. I currently play a level 35 Barbarian and I am on quest IV of Act V on normal difficulty. I keep reading about exceptional and elite item qualities which have identical icons to their normal counterparts but are better. In my own mind I see exceptional items that of Nightmare and elite that of Hell. Even saying that I read that exceptional items ARE available in late Act IV and Act V of normal, and I found this to be true, I have found a few exceptional items as drops...but only drops. I read that they can also be gambled but that is rarer. Where I get confused is WHEN can I gamble items based on certain levels? I've looked everywhere and can't seem to find the answers I need. All I think I am sure on is that for a normal item, it is available to show up in my gambling window if it is -5 levels to my character's level or +4 above it. As in at 35, I could potentially see items of level 30-39. I become very confused when at level 35 I cannot seem to find ANY EXCEPTIONAL items when gambling even in that level spans quality level. For example, the Dimensional Blade listed as a quality level of 37. My character is 35, I should be able to gamble it right? Well all I seem to get still are stupid crystal swords ( I have literally bought about 70+ to no avail). When looking into it I found formulas to calculate my chances on finding exceptional items over normal but I didn't understand the variables in them or how to figure them out. What do I truly need to know? What is the difference between clvl, ilvl, and qilvl?


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Re: Help! Newbie on Gambling Exceptional/Elite Items!/

I don't know what the formula is for determining the chance of an upgrade. Though what I do know is that all items in the gamble window are listed as the base type, and only get upgraded when you buy them.

As for the abbreviations:
clvl = character level
ilvl = item level
qlvl = quality level

Also, try to space out your posts better. Walls of text are hard to read.
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Re: Help! Newbie on Gambling Exceptional/Elite Items!/

The level is based on level of the Gambler - see the statistics forum stickies threads for details based on what you are after.
If gambling thats the big one as your not upgrading or imbuing (Item level and Quality level comes into play more)


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Re: Help! Newbie on Gambling Exceptional/Elite Items!/

When you gamble say a Crystal Sword (qlvl 11 *) in the gamble window there is a chance, it will be upgraded to a Dimensional Blade (qlvl 37 *) or a Phase Blade (qlvl 73 *) based on your characters level. The same holds true for all other item types.
The ilvl of a gambled item, will be within -5 or +4 of your characters level (as you rightly point out).

Thus a Crystal Sword allways has a qlvl of 11, but different ilvls depending on what level monster dropped it or what level charater gambled it.

The chances for an item to be upgraded can be found by:

Arreat Summit said:
The level of quality of the items will be from most common to, most rare: Normal, Exceptional, Elite. The chance for the other types of items is:

Exceptional: pV = max{0%, (ilvl ? qlvlV) * 0.9% + 1%}
Elite: pE = max{0%, (ilvl ? qlvlE) * 0.33% + 1%}

pE/pV = probability
ilvl = clvl (-5 to +4)
qlvl = quality-lvl of base item to be generated (i.e. 33 for Demonhide gloves)
Lets say you are level 40 and you are gambling Crystal Swords. Your gambled items will have ilvl between 35 and 44 (each with equal chance). So what you do is just to insert all numbers from 35 to 44 in the formula, and find an average:

pV = max{0%, ({35,...,44} - 37} * 0.9% + 1%} = {0%, 0.1%, 1%, 1.9%, ... , 7.3%} with an average of 33.3% / 10 = 3.33 % chance.

Thus a level 40 character have a 3.33% chance of getting a Dimensional Blade, when gambling on Crystal Swords.

* qlvl = quality level - can be found on Arreat Summit for all item types.

The Item Generation Tutorial may help you out.