Help needed for new Paladin

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Help needed for new Paladin

I have decided to build my first melee character, after several casters and summoners (mainly single player). This forum is excellent to get me started, but I have a few small questions that would help me out greatly.

1) Do I set my Paladin in Run mode all the time, or in Walk and use Ctrl to speed up? I notice that when dealing with a group of ranged monsters, either I run and my defense goes down, or I walk and it takes me ages to reach them because I keep blocking. Naturally since I am just starting so I do not have any proper gear with increased run/walk speed.

2) Do you only use auras on your right button, and all combat skills on left, or do you make exceptions (e.g. certain combat skills on right)? How do you control a fast Paladin in run mode with the left button and avoid miss-clicking and ending up in the middle of a group of monsters?

3) Any tips on hotkey set-up? Do you change Auras often, or would you rather put the combat skills in nearest reach?

4) Any tips how to deal with mixed ranged and melee monsters, especially in narrow areas? How do I avoid getting hit by missiles while I try to clear the way?

Tnx in advance.
1) Walk to block during combat, Run to get places in the game fast, and as a Paladin spend 1 point on charge and you can shift/charge around super fast till your mana is gone. This works well to close with the ranged attackers.
2&3)The game controls what you can map where L/R sadly, mix and match to your taste, depending on the type you are building it is about 2-6 keys mapped on the left and everything else on the right.
If you run a caster at all you are way better at this most likely than Mêlée Builds are already, use what is comfortable to reach and logical to you.
Casters and summoners do a lot more button pushing than Mêlée (zealers and hammerdins just click all day).
4) Paladin can use ranged attacks as well, Bows, Throwing, FOH, Hammers & Bolts, Auras etc. Your Defense with auras is much higher than a caster or summoner and your (shield based) block is best in the game.

5) Look over the guides in Paladin Forums stickys if you want a strong build but I also encourage trying everything out and seeing what you like, you might come up with something new and interesting.
My old MAX Conversion Thorns Pal is one of the best sneaky party PK chars out there, he can wipe out a whole party of melee type without even going hostile.

Ed from Russia

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That's great help.

You mention shift-charge. Does this mean you have Shift as hotkey for charge? And if you let Shift go, does it automatically go back to your main attack (e.g. Zeal)?


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no, you just press shift and charge, then it charges without attacking if anyone isnt on the way and you can move very fast..



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As far as the auras on right and combat skills on left, that is generally the pally way of things, but for curiosity, what melee pally are you building?

Ed from Russia

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I'm actually still undecided. I built a Paladin up to lvl 30, but invested a bit in all skills just to see what I liked. I enjoyed Zeal best, so I may go for that with the build I will start this week, with either Fanaticism or Holy Freeze as main aura. I'm playing PvM only, and mainly single-player.


Hahaha. Holding Shift down while using a skill like Charge, which normally requires a target, allows you to Charge towards a spot on the ground instead of a monster. This means you can use it to get from one place to another faster. If you hold Shift down while casting Blessed Hammer, you won't move around if you happen to not be clicking on a monster. This is useful for creating a Hammer field around you so monsters who come to you to attack get hit.