Help my meteorb


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Help my meteorb

I just built a meteorb sorc. She is at lvl 76 and though I don't have perfect gear I'm doing all right(Mara's, Chains of Honor, Shako, Anni, 2 Sorce skill orb, chance guards, SoJ, Ravenfrost, Eth Lidless and Water Walker things). Most of that I stole from my brother but anyway... I am having problems agains fire immunes in Hell. My frozen orb is lvl 31 and my cold mastery is 18. Is this just something I'm going to have to deal with or are there other options? My fire stuff ROCKS but I just don't do enough damage with cold to kill tough mobs. Any thoughts?
Also, can I get some info on finding runes? As I mentioned, most of this stuff is barrowed from my brother and I want to make HOTO, CTA, and Enigma. Whats the best place to look for runes?


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As far as your gear goes - I'd swap it all out for a full tal set. (the orb comes with 15% cold damage and -15% enemy fire resistance which will boost both sets of damage nicely. My recomendation is Full Tal set + P spirit + magefists. Then you can wear SOJ's or Nagel rings. I'd swap your boots for War Trav's too. Your current gear has lots of +skills, which is nice - but full tal will give you better damage and a lot more MF than you have.

Finding hrs takes a long time. You pretty much won't ever find more than 1 or 2. For the most part (due to all the dupes) you find good gear and sell it for high runes.

But to answer your question the best place to find lower runes (up to Mal I think) is by running the countess. You also get runes from the hell forge quest. These are guarenteed to give you a rune every time.

To actually MF runes (so to speak - your MF% doesn't affect rune drops) the best places are probably lower kurast (be sure to pop all the chests) or run cows.