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Help my blizz sorc please. ^^

Discussion in 'Sorceress' started by HaLoPhReAk, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. HaLoPhReAk

    HaLoPhReAk IncGamers Member

    Jun 2, 2005
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    Help my blizz sorc please. ^^

    Okey dokey! So here's the thing, I built this char to gm pk in pubbies, and I'm having a helluva time trying to get by. It has Maxblock, 11k blizz, 75% Es (level 20 w/o a point in it), and 2.1k life. Here's skills and setup:


    20/16 Sorc torch
    Anni 10/11/6(low one, higher one's on pally)
    Cold Lifers: 22/30/36/33/33/34/30
    Cold Fhr's: 2x 12%'s
    10x 20 lifer scs


    34/4 Fathom (facet'd)
    15% nw, not faceted yet
    Perf Blizz Ormus, 5/5'd
    Whistans 5/5'd
    24 Maras
    eTreks (10/10)
    2x Sojs


    9 Es Memory
    2x Fcr rings w/ other mods.

    Level 80


    1 warmth
    1 tele
    11 Telek
    1 Chilling armor
    10 Ice bolt (pumping more into as I level...I think)
    Max'd: Blizz, Cold mastery, ice blast.

    44% FHR :\
    60% FCR w/ sojs and maras.
    2.1k life w/ lvl 14 bo.
    11k Blizz
    -235 Cold mastery

    Okay so the main problem seems to be staying alive, and killing them quick enough (duh). Wondering if I need diff equipment to reach different bp's (fcr and fhr are kinda low). I'm thinking of remaking as a pure blizz, pure vita sorc with Spirit as the main sheild, and SS as an option, that way I can have more damage (no es...), fcr, fhr, just writing this is almost convincing me to remake this guy. So now I suppose I want your opinions on this. :scratch:

    Edit: I forgot to add, one thing I think it might be is that it's my playing style. Throw some playing style tips in also :p

    2nd Edit: Yes I did read about 8 guides/stickies on this.
  2. DayDream

    DayDream IncGamers Member

    May 8, 2006
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    Re: Help my blizz sorc please. ^^

    ES/block can work when done properly. You'll have to sacrifice some things to attain the proper bps.

    Have you considered es/non block? will be easier to attain bps.
    One way to go is
    Fanthom (20Fcr)
    Spirit (35Fcr)
    3/10 amulet or a good rare/crafted with 2/10/mana. (10Fcr)
    Arach (20Fcr)
    Ormus (20Fcr)

    I've personally went enigma on my ES for the str which gives me more tanking ability but unfortunate damage loss.

    I see another problem, you only put 11 in TK. You must put 20 in it or atleast 18 so I've heard. (Best to stick with 20.)

    Also, you are only level 80. Any character that desperately needs skill points should be atleast 90 before seeing results.

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