Help My Assassin! =]


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Help My Assassin! =]

My Trapsin ladder-climber. Hoping to at least be on the assassin ladder.

Level 75 Assassin

Str: Base
Dex: Base
Vita: Everything
Energy: Base

Life: About 1700 right now, no CTA though. =/

1 FB
x Shock Web (working on maxing)
20 CBS
20 LS
20 DS

1 CM
1 PH
1 BoS
1 WB
1 CoS
1 Fade
1 SW
1 MB

Mara's (30)
HotO (39)
Enigma BP (15 ED/775 Roll)
Spirit Monarch (31, I don't think 35 gives another BP)
19 Str, 10 FCR, minor mods Rare Ring
12 Str, 10 FCR, dual 25+ Res Rare Ring
Verdungo's (14/34)
War Travs

13/20 Sin Torch
18/15/6 Anni
34/10 Gheed's
4 Res All/1 Str SC
12x 7 MFSC's (some with res, defense, etc)

non-Eth Insight CA
3k Glitched Eth Fort

Statwise I'm not sure whether I would points into str or dex. I can use a Spirit Monarch right now with base because of massive str stacking. Dex is from Shako, Mara's, Torch, Anni for now. I'm planning to get Str/Dex Rings soon. Is there anything I can't use now that I might want to be able to switch into for PvP?

Skillwise I plan to max Shock Web first. Then probably max out Mind Blast? I haven't done many of the skill quests so I'll probably have some left over. What would I max or raise with the rest? Only options seem to be BoS/Fade/SW/WB.

Gearwise I might not even switch to Arachs when I'm level 80. I don't think it gives a BP. The DR and massive Vita from Dungo's seems nice for now. Otherwise I think I'm just going to get a set of trap claws for PvP, maybe some FCR gear to be able to switch around to, and higher stats in everything. CTA definitely too. Merc will be switched to Infinity once he has enough Str for a CV.

Anyone have any ideas? :wink3:


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Sorry to bump this but the Assassin is level 91 and still hasn't used the last like five levels' skill points.


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Im not a fan of hoto/spirit trapsin setups but whatever works for you. Things to consider:

fcr: 40 + 20 + 10 + 10 + 31 = 111
The bp is 102 so you could improve this setup by getting a 32% spirit and ditching one of the fcr rings for a bk or a better stat ring.

For skill points if you plan on pvping, get 1 point in shadow master and put 2+ in mindblast. ignore this if you are pvm only.
For the remainder of your skill points you should consider fireblast.

Your main priority if you haven't done so yet is to get a cta, it looks well within your budget and will help you out significantly more than other tweaks you can make for your build.


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Yeah I'm not either but it works for PvM to teleport faster to Baal/etc.

I know the BP but the ring is necessary to get the str I believe.

Hm, I've heard SM is bad PvP though. Heard people say it dies in one hit (as it technically should..). I don't get why it would be good other than MB spam which a SW should do more consistently if I have it on my right click. Maybe if SM replenished traps while I'm MBing? 2+ MB makes the SM cast it a lot more often, right? I might put more points into it for just more stun anyway though.

Yeah, looking to get a CTA soon. 2100+ life for PvM means I usually don't die, but the Mana boost is nice.

Thanks for the help. =]