help me


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help me

in diablo II i load up one of my characters and it is fine but every now and then i load up one of my characters and it says "unable to load, generic bad file" and then i cant use that character again. i have lost some of my best chars and items this way and it is pissing me off. if anyone knows how to fix this plz tell me



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This sort of error usually indicates that the items you are moving bad or hacked items onto the characters that are affected.
Or, you are mucking around with an editor and changing the characters stats and skills, which for now, we all should give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume that you are not doing.

Check where you are getting these items from. If you are getting them from open or down loading them can lead to these sort of errors. If you traded them, then get nasty on the person who traded them to you.

Use atma to go thru the effected characters items and delete the last item you put onto the character, untill the game loads the characters correctly.

Since your new to these forums, there are other people who have had the same issues who did have bad items they gained from outside of their own game that was causing the problem.
Just to clear things up, thegrimreaper44 doesnt use any hacks of any sort. Ive put his computers CPU back at stock speeds to see if it was causing the corruption. I dont think it will help as the pci clock was 33.3mhz but i thought it was worth a try.



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no problem ocau_mikle.

It is just hard to know what the problem is with these sort of posts so quite often, you start with the most obvious ones, and go from there.

Personally, I don't mind if he is using an editor or not. But either way, you don't want these kind of error messages with legit or hacked do you?

Ok, what version of atma are you using? I assume your diablo 2 is LoD v1.10? You can get the atma version from the top menu, Help->about atma.
If you where overclocking your system, that could well be the culprit. Overclocking your pci bus is a great way to corrupt thru put data and going much beyond 31 - 32 mhtz is fraut with danger. Can you seperate the pci bus clock speed from the cpu bus in the bios? Some of the boards out there allow you to do that.

It that is the case, I don't have a lot of hope for your characters. Usually, if it was a hacked item on a legit character, then simply removing the bad item stops the error message, but if the core character data is corrupt, then its all over.
Can you drag up the error message that atma is giving you?


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This also happens a lot if you mule over items from pre 1.10 (and even 1.10 beta) to a 1.10 char. Items must be converted to 1.10 first by putting them on a 1.09 char and opening that char in game, where DII will convert both the char and all the items to 1.10.

Not sure how to solve it, but it gcould be a good reason for a nice new (HC) start in 1.10!

imagine the excitement of actually being happy with a green breastplate (once) :)



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A generic bad file happens when:

- the file's contents has been changed without updating the checksum (ie. it's been corrupted)
- one or more items have been placed on the character from a different version (eg. 1.09 items on a 1.10 char; 1.10 beta items on a 1.10 char, etc)
- some other set of circumstances causes the game to throw a wobbly

The second explanation is most likely. If you use ATMA, check the auto-backups (in the save folder) and see whether you can get an earlier version of the character to load properly.

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Muling items on or off a dead merc can cause problems, but ATMA is usually able to correct the mistake. I think the same goes for moving things around on a corpse but have never tried it.

Have you tried restoring from the .org file that ATMA creates whenever you mule something on or off a char?