Help Me

Help Me

Well, I have a computer problem. I'm not sure what it is but for some reason my toolbar on the bottom of my desktop is locked. Or well, not exactly but for instance say when I click on the start menu it takes about 12 seconds to pop up. Everything else on the computer works fine. I can click on the icons and my video games, email, internet work fine. One odd thing that I realized was that sometimes when I hit alt+tab I see an icon from the "My Computer" thingy pop up and there is a lock over it. I've searched throughout that file, I've run adaware for a possible spyware. I'm not sure if I should download a virus scanner or if it is some easily fixed problem.

Any information you could provide about this would be wonderful.

Thanks in advance.
I tried that right click thing and I've had this problem for about a week. I can function with it, but its a pain in the *** because I have to alt+tab between all my programs.


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So when you click your start menu it lags, and your toolbar is locked and you cannot see it? What happens if you click the windows symbol on your keyboard? (Assuming you have one)