Help me with this build plz

Help me with this build plz

hi guys,

i am new to the necromancer part and i am very exited to start with this character, i was planning on making a poison/summon necro and i don't know if what i planned is any good.
I mean, i want to rule in hell, not that i have to deal with a group for 5 min.
This is what i had in mind, plz tell me what to change and why.


Raise skeleton 20
Skeleton mastery 20

Poison nova 20
Poison dagger 20
Poison explosion 20

Bone armor 1
and a curse, but don't know which one is good


Helm: Shako with Poison facet
Armor: enigma
Weapon Hoto with 39 all res
Shield: Homunculus
Amulet: Mara's 28
Belt: Arachnid
Rings: 2x soj
Gloves: Trang-Ouls
Boots: Silkweave
Charms 5 Bone/poison skillers
2 summon skillers


Might merc with

Upgraded gaze
Bonehew weapon


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I would make sure you are clear in the order of Skills you max. It all depends on your equipment and preference otherwise you may underpower yourself when it wasn't necessary.

I would also make sure you get at the very least right side of the curse tree and include decrep before you reach act 4.

Summon tree - make sure you have 1 in Summon Resistance and probably 1 in Clay and GM.

click here to find out more.

For equip i would prefer to stick to the 3 part trang to give you Poison boost and probably death's web would be ideal. I normally keep a good dagger to utilise PD, something on the lines of FLeshripper iis good.


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for a more effect?ve poison you should change

hoto to deaths web

homon to trang sh?eld

anarch to trang belt


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I'd recommend amplify damage, lower resist, and decrepify for the curses. Other curses are nice, but these will be essential to the build and points are tight.

Summon Resist is all that stands between Diablo splattering your skeletons en masse and them kicking the crap out of him so it is essential. The CG and GM are prereqs for this, but are fortunately very useful ones so it's worth taking those as well.

At level 99 with all the skill quests completed you have a total of 110 points to put into skills. However, the last ten levels can take a long time to get. It takes 6 points to get lower resist, amplify damage, and decrepify. It takes 3 for the golem skills and Summon Resist. Skip bone armor. You don't need it with a horde of skeletons keeping the melee attackers at bay and 20-80 extra hit points isn't that much of a buffer against attacks in Hell anyway.

I would recommend 2 more points to get corpse explode, however. It's probably best to start as a skellimancer with this build, since you'll get a lot more power out of the skeletons at level 40-45 than you will out of poison attacks that depend heavily on gear that you wouldn't even be able to equip yet.

That puts your total at 111, so you'll have to lose a point in a poison synergy or one of the skeleton skills. Not a huge deal. Keep in mind, it will take you a long time to max those poison skills if you take the skeletons first so you may not be blown away by how much damage your poison attacks are doing until much later in the game.

I tried to mix poison and skeletons up in a similar build and ran into a lot of frustration in Nightmare so I recommend going either or. If you decide to go poison first, you will have a tougher time of it in the earlier to mid parts of the game without taking advantage of some of the other curses unless you've got people helping you rush to 75.

For summoning skeletons, try and find Arm of King Leoric. For poison attacks you want Trang Oul's Shield and two other pieces of the Trang set or even the whole thing since cast rate is irrelevant. The armor and gloves would probably be ideal for the +skills and resists.

If you can find or trade for a Death's Web, do so. It is the holy grail of poison attacks since it drops poison resists in a big way. It is also one of the rarest uniques in the game, but is a specialty item so doesn't trade for the kind of jink that say, Tyrael's Might would. Using Arm of Leoric to prebuff skeletons and Death's Web for the poison attacks would be a very potent combo although you would lose some skellies when switching to D-Web.

For just starting out, get an Edge bow and give it an Act I merc. This will greatly enhance skeleton damage with a level 15 thorns aura and it's dirt cheap. You will have to spend some time leveling your merc up just so she can use it, however.The thorns aura will rapidly become less potent as monsters start getting hit points way out of proportion with the damage they do later on in the game so you will want to upgrade your merc in nightmare difficulty.

Unless you can afford some of the nastier runeword items, the ideal merc would be a might merc from act II nightmare since he enhances your skeletons' damage in a big way.

If you have the money for obscenely expensive runewords you could give him the Pride RW polearm for a concentration aura, even further enhancing skeleton damage, or give him an Ininity RW polearm that will drop enemy resists even lower and break weak immunes. Infinity would seem ideal for the purposes of a hybrid build.

Another expensive option is an Act I merc with the faith RW bow, which gives a high level Fanaticism aura.


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You won't be able to max all five skills, so max everything BUT skeleton mastery, and invest the rest of your points into it.

Summon skillers up to the point where you get an additional skelly wouldn't be a bad option for this build, since the +skills effect the skeleton's "synergies", and their relatively cheap.

You want as much -% enemy poison resistance in gear as possible for your build, so as the others said, utilize death's web and 3 piece trang. Your poison damage will go up insanely, as-% enemy poison resistance boosts poison length AND dmg/per second, meaning you'll have to cast less.

For example:

Lets say you deal 4k displayed damage over 2 seconds.

lets say you have -70% enemy poison resistance in gear.

Your damage per second will be boosted by 70%, leaving you with 6.8k over 2 seconds, or 3.4k poison damage per second.

Your poison length will also be boosted by 70% meaning you'll deal damage over 3.4 seconds. So that means you'll deal 11.56k damage over 3.4 seconds.

If you add in Lower Resistance (skill -res doesn't effect poison length), you'll easily hit the -res cap of 100%, doubling your base damage per sec, leaving with 4k damage per second. That means you'll deal 13.6k damage over 3.4 seconds, which is only about a 2k increase, so you'll find (as I have) it's best to keep amp on most of the time, and lower resist immunes/monsters your skellies aren't fighting.

Also, another note on immunes, whereas the -res from lower resistance has a 1/5 penalty on immunes, once you break the immunity, -res in gear does not suffer that penalty, so it is far more effective than lower resistance in that aspect as well.

Click here for more information on -% enemy poison resistance and it's effect on poison damage

3 piece trang will also give you firewall, and after +skills it'll deal about 1k, which is nothing to scoff at when your skellies are keeping the monsters in place, and poison doesn't stack (so you don't need to recast until they aren't poisoned anymore). Firewall is also effected by your Lower Resistance.