Help me with septevirate


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Hello guys,

I'm getting a little bored as of lately and thus I want to try something more interesting. In the end I came up with septevirate where each character uses only:

1) Normal items
2) Magic items
3) Rare items
4) Set items
5) Unique items
6) Crafted items
7) Runewords items

But now I can not decide which character and it's build would be the best fit for each.

Any ideas?

EDIT: I'm also planning the chars to be self found (but re-runs are ok) and each character will also use adequate /players settings the whole game. So char using normal items will use p1 the whole time, set will use p4, craft p6 etc.
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Normal items are the most tricky. That's normal quality items, or unenchanted items? Either way it leaves only a few possibilities, namely tornado druid and mage.

Set items ... There comes the "self find" problem, because set items are already bad most of the times. Without the self-find you could choose a useful set, like IK, Trangoul, Aldur, whatnot, but self-finding will be your nightmare. You'll need smething that can find a LOT of items FAST, what leaves you with sorc and her teleporting.

Crafted items: good luck for that. You'll need infinite patience to collect the necessary amount of ingredients.

runeword: given that only weapon/shield/helm/armor can be socketed, this'll look a "naked" character. You won't have HRs either. Plan accordingly. Maybe a necro?

magic, rare and unique items are possible to find with enough patience, but your unique-only self-find will be naked until ... Heck, it has to be a caster or you'll die on Cold Plains!
The magic I say be barbarian, the rare amazon, the unique trap assassin. This leaves pala for being crafted.


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How are you going to level and start finding items - can your characters use other kind of stuff before they get their first unique or crafted piece of this or that equipment?

Generally, crafted, set and normal items obviously beg for a character not too dependant on a powerful weapon to succeed. But there is still much to choose from.


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This will be like running seven trournaments by yourself
Maybe you could loosen your restrictions and have the Sept as a whole be self found?

I'd keep the melee chars on the easier to acheive groups. ie barb on runewords.
Necro would probably be best suited for normal as either an bone or fishymancer
Aside from that just make sure you have item independent builds for the most part

should be fun!


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The sept being self found as a whole is a great idea! Yeah I am going with that, thanks.
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Okay, I started today.

Decided that I will go HC route, and further the limitations so that normal char can only socket gems, magic only normal jewels and only one to use charms, rare only rare jewels, unique facets, set has nothing and runeword runes ofc.

Same limitations for their mercenaries.

Also I am going to get them all through normal one after another, then nightmare, then hell.

My choice for the Normal tier was necro. Obvious choice to me as he is really not gear dependant. Not to mention that since he is normal tier and the first one, he is on p1 and CE is very OP on lower players settings.

For the build I could've gone with classic fishy but that would be boring and I have one on sc anyways so I am going to go 20 skele magi, 20 fire golem, 20 ce, 20 lower resist and the rest in skel mastery. For merc I am definitely going with act3 iron wolf. Just dunno if I should go for ice or lighting one. Question, does it matter on which difficulty I hire them or does that only concern A2 mercs?

The cool thing about necro is that both his wand and shields can have decent + skills even white ones.

So far I saved Cain and found my first set (Hsaru's shield) so there is first item for set based char :p


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Good luck on the sept. I have one going myself, playing self-found as a whole team. I didn't give myself crazy restrictions like you did, though. Your project will require a lot of time, patience and dedication.

If you are going to do an iron wolf with a CE necro, do not use a cold wolf. He will shatter too many corpses. The difficulty level you hire them in isn't as important as the A2 merc; I do know if you hire a mercenary at a lower level, it will have a slight edge over a high-level merc (e.g. a lvl 80 merc hired at lvl 20 will be slightly better than a lvl 80 hired at lvl 80). So if you can commit to your mercenary early, they are a bit better in the long term. I think the difference is kind of negligible, but if you're a perfectionist that sort of thing might bother you.

Are you allowing yourself to swap items between characters pretty much whenever? That would certainly make things easier on you (than waiting until the end of the act).


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Well the CE is more of a back up because it is so strong, I mainly plan on having the mages, golem and iron wolf do the damage while I cast lower resist.

Since I will be playing them one after another till the end of the difficulty, I won't be really switching that much.

My plan is like finish Normal diff Normal items -> Normal diff Magic items -> Normal rares -> ... -> Nightmare Normal -> Nightmare magic etc.

I am almost up to Duriel with the necro now. Pretty sure it's going to be an annoying fight of me casting lvl 1 iron maiden and lvl 1 blood golem over and over again.


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Update, Duriel is now dead and didn't drop anything of use for the next chars. I also had few NDEs when killing him since keeping blood golem and iron maiden up at once proved to be more of a challenge than I thought but in the end it worked just fine.

And now I also got my final mercenary. Devak the Cold, hopefully he won't dissapoint me.


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Just beaten Diablo with Normal (the necro's name) and heck that was one hella fight.

Obviously mages and Devak died immediately and thus I went back to act 1 few times, bought as many cheap normal metal items and spread them through the sanctuary. Then I kept luring D to close range and just recasted Iron Maiden and Iron Golem again and again. After like 15 minutes, D finally killed himself and dropped nothing of ordinary.

I am looking forward to act 5 since I'll hit lvl 30 there so Fire Golem and Lower Resist here I go!


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Well I wanted to finish baal with the necro today but it seems like I can't get enough dmg through to kill him. I even had to lure all minions of destruction out of the room since they were regenerating too fast even with me throwing poison potions.

I thought I could kill baal with my lvl 1 lower resist and lvl 2 fire golem bombing but it doesn't seem to do enough. Ideas?


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Okay! I actually did manage to kill both the minions and the baal on my second try! It took hell lot of mana potions for all that fire golem bombing.

So this is my very first time getting so far in NM and with these restrictions and odd build as well. I feel a little proud of mysellf :)

Here are few screens of him and his leet gear:

And so the next one is all magic one and I decided to go with sorc for that one. And her odd build is going to be Fire Wall/Thunderstorm/Glacial Spike!


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A couple thoughts:

1. Iron golem/amp. Probably not the best, as it was a pain for Diablo. Not quite what you did for D, but amp is better than IM is if you're using I already.
2. Clay golem / iron maiden. CG is cheap to cast and doesn't require an item. You should be able to shop an IM wand in act 1 or 2 that is normal rarity to up the level a bit.
3. Clay golem /decrepify. He will be going very slow and maybe your merc can do the damage? Maybe with those 2 you can keep some of your army alive as well.

EDIT : Grats! Glad you got him!


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If you aim for effectiveness I would suggest putting a bit more into skeleton mastery at the expense of lower resist since the returns are small past level 9 and almost nothing past level 14, apart from radius and duration of course. Mages on the other hand struggle with survivability and can probably use all aid they can.

Glacial spike/fire wall is really fun!


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What are you running with next? Great job with Lord of Mages seriously untwinked!!! Perhaps you could run the Magic Only tournament with your next toon as well?


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Southpaw, now I am playing p2 fire wall/thunderstor/glacial spike sorc with magic.

Brak, not made yet but he's not going to use any. The same way normal necro didn't use amulet and rings.