Help me with my wolf


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Help me with my wolf

You wolf pros i need your help. This is my first wolf so im not to familiar with what to do. My wolf is currently lvl 57. When it comes to the skills i have maxxed fury and lycanthropy and am about to max werewolf. I have one point in oak sage but i plan to max this too and i think im gonna put points into carrion vines. Does this sound about right? When it comes to stat points and equiptment im kinda lost.

my stats:
217 unused stat points(its a weird habit i have)

my equiptment is:
wpn:blood tree stump
ammy:eye of etlich
rings:2 manalds
helm:jalals mane
boots: gore riders
armor, gloves,belt: sigons

Main problem I think I have is that I miss too much. I read a guide and it said not points in dex. Is that right? I was thinking of using ik maul and laying of hands later on to kick some demon butt. If I did that what should I socket in the ikmaul or are there better options? help me im CLUELESS!!!


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Well for the ar problem, there are 5 options.

1- Put in dex

2- Get Blessed Aim merc

3- Get ITD

4- Use HoW

5- Ar Charms, anni.

Also, you may want something faster, I understand you are just leveling, but BTS is WAY too slow.


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HoW = Heart of the wolverine.

Your best bet:

Put on angelic ammy and rings. Huge AR bonus. Also ravens are quite nice.


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Just from my exp w/ my wolf druid (lvl 90), pump str enuf for your desired equp/weapon (i have enigma and ikmaul/upgraded ribcracker). Then life, life and more life. Wolves live by leaching w/ feral rage and or fury. U will get hit, so the more life the better. Ignore energy and dex unless u r planning on using a shield (wolves dont need not stinking shield).

i put shaels in my ik maul for the ias, but the upgraded ribcracker is doing 390 - 500 damage, which equates to about 5000 fury damage..pretty sweet


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IK Maul?? LOL what about botd thunder maul? o_O i use griefz and ss cause imr abies/fury but for pure fury...ik maul? LOL maybe im just unfarmiliar with its mods and 5k fury isnt that good...i do 2k and i only got maybe 3 or 4 into fury


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The only person here that gave any ok addvice was jmiddletonAKAjdog. Other then that the rest gave some really bad ideals mixed with some ok ideals.

botd tm really blows its too slow and not enough range. The damage on it doesnt make up for those two things. Why double shealed ik mual > ebotd tm

HoW = crap The only time I see people using it. Are the elite uber pro players that tend to die off to 1 fury, then flame you for using oak, or claim theyre wolf is for ubers only.

eidotekili Welcome to the druid forum.

For a mid lvl weapon try out a ribcracker, Coldsteel Eye
Cutlass, or Hwanin's Justice.

Since you maxing out werewolf. Do this for skills

lycan max
fury max
werewolf max
oak sage max
1 in crows
1 in spirit wolves
rest into a skill of choise
Like you could add to cyclone armor, feral claws, hunger, bear, and the list could go on and on and on and on.

If you can afford it. At your higher lvls get a ebotd greater poleaxe, greif phase, ebotd zerk, eth tomb reaver 2x40/15% ias zoded, or griz caddy 3x40/15% ias Lo runed.

Those are the better more expive weapons to get. All meet 5fps fury or faster. Plus they also do the better amounts of damage needed. I personly can do 14k-14k phy damage with a good greif phase blade.