help me with my schaeffers frenzy barb


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help me with my schaeffers frenzy barb

So last night Nithralek dropped me a 120% schaeffers. Back in 1.09 this was the best weopan, and I would really like to use it on a 1.11 char. I really am not to keen on these rediculous runewords i.e. Infinity, Enigma, Grief which they have made. They just kill the game.

So what would be a good (preferably unique) weopan to go along with the schaeffers? I was thinking Stormlash or just another schaeffers. The static field will kick ***. This is what my gear would be:

Schaeffers/ ??
Arkaines Valor or Chains of Honour
Laying of Hands
String of Eats or Nosfer if I need IAS.
19/249 raven and dual leach ring
Upped gore riders.

And my skills will be:

20 frenzy
20 bo
20 taunt
10 warcry - or maybe less with warcry skillers?
10 mace mastery
rest in double swing.

Does that sound ok?


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1. Drop arreats, use gui's helm.
2. Schaeffers/oath eth legendary mallet (if you can oath that weap class).
3. If you can afford chains, you can afford forti as well, and that's better.
4. Warcry is not necessary, but 10 pts won't hurt.
5. No warcry skillers. AR charms are preferable.

Eilo Rytyj

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Not when deciding runeword compatibility. Hammers are Hammers, not Maces. Just as Scepters aren't considered Maces either.

The next best thing would be an eth Oath Scourge. Put it in your main hand, and Schaeffer's in the off-hand for best effect. That goes for all Frenzy weapons, the fastest goes first.

A Shael'd Stormlash has the same attack speed as the Oath, but juicier mods such as CB, CTC Tornado and another CTC Static.

Baranar's Star and Nord's would also work great too.


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Or would this alternative be better than stormlash:

1 point in mace mastery
1 point in axe mastery
Rest of points in Double Swing?

So I can use a BOTD Bezerker axe or an Oath or something?


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Sweet. Schaefers is one of my favourite unique weapons in this game.

Stormlash would probably be a really good option.

Chains of Honour would be the better armor out of the two. Even better would be Fort, or Enigma (for the mobility-fun-ness).

-Max out that Mace Mastery, otherwise you're going to find your AR/ damage lacking from what it could potentially be.

-Don't split them up, IMO.


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Your original build sounds quite similar to my PvM frenzy-barb in SP. Patrirarch thread, FYI

I also agree with Jackson - don't go multiple-mastery. IMO, the added AR and Critical strike from a higher mastery outweigh the slightly higher damage from a full DS synergy and the gained benefits of eBotD.


I would equip a beast hammer on the other hand. You will have to repair it, but it will give you some crushing blow and increase your attack speed (hammers are slow).

As stated before, stormlash is probably the best option here. The dual static field is great, and you will stack a lot of lightning damage as well. You may need a blessed aim merc to boost your attack rating, unless you stock ar charms.

I would synergize double swing so you have a decent secondary attack. Its faster, and the AR bonus is nice, but you don't do as much damage. I would also synergize berzerk, and put 1 point into taunt. With static field, you won't necessarily need the extra critical strike from mastery. You can make up the damage/attack rating with other items.

If you build him right you should have a really good barb.

Eilo Rytyj

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I would equip a beast hammer on the other hand. You will have to repair it, but it will give you some crushing blow and increase your attack speed (hammers are slow).
You can't make Beast in a 1 handed Hammer. They can only get 4 sockets max, Beast requires 5. That means you can only make a Beast <Maul> (2 hander).