Help me salvage my HydraOrb sorc?


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Help me salvage my HydraOrb sorc?

I've recently came back to D2x (never made it far in the first place), and was sort of winging it with my hydraorb sorc (i.e. wasted some points in the skill tree). But now I'm in Act 1 Hell and it's very slow going. The worst problems come from Cold Immune monsters ... can't slow them down w/ Orb.

So I'd like to maximize my remaining 31 skill pts. I'm currently lvl 72 with 1 skill point available.

Let me break her down:

Str 90
Dex 86
Vit 136
E 133

I was putting 2pts/lvl into Energy until I started reading these boards. I don't really regret it cause have tons of mana isn't a bad thing. Of course I wouldn't mind a little bit more dex.

Currently I'm putting 1pt into Str, 4 into Dex in order to raise my blocking.

Not much to talk about. Everything I wear has been self-found, no trading or gifts, etc. Most everything is either rares or uniques based around raising my all resists. I know my shield in The Ward.

I'm currently trying to acquire a full Tal's set. Should help me out some. Unfortunately I only have about 37 pgems so far.

ES 2pts
all other skills 1pt
I figure I wasted 4 pts in dead-end skills (i.e. unused skills like LM, Thunderstorm, etc.) :sad2:
I don't count the other pts as wasted 'cause I wanted to get the ES. I know some people go w/o, but I like the extra defense.

Orb 20
CM 5
all others 1pt
I don't figure I wasted any pts here. Unless you count the 5 into CM a waste.

Warmth 3
FB 3
FM 3
Hydra 19
all others 1pt
I figure I wasted 6 pts here. 2pts in Warmth and 4pts in the skill tree leading up to Meteor, 'cause I don't use those spells at all.

So any suggestions as to where I should put my 31 remaining skill pts? I'm thinking of finishing Hydra (1pt) and then working solely on the Hydra synergies, 'cause + to skills don't work on synergies but they do on FM. That would give me:

Hydra 20 (+skills from gear)
FB 17
Fbolt 17
FM 3 (+skills from gear)

Orb 20 (+skills from gear)
CM 5 (+skills from gear)

Thanks for any input.

Oh, two extra things:
1. I don't really plan on rerolling since I'm a casual gamer.
2. Any suggestions on gear for my defensive Act 2 merc? He dies quite easily against unique monsters, etc. So losing my tank really sucks ... and sucks my gold away each time I have to res him.

Thanks again.


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oh, forgot to mention that my merc has Insight polearm. So mana isn't a problem unless he dies.