Help me respec my kicksin plz =/


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Help me respec my kicksin plz =/

Hello, my kicksin is now lvl89 and i would like to respec her because the stats are a little bit too screwed.

base stats are:

str 180
dex 130
vit 205


Dtalon - 20
DFlight - 1
Venom - 20
Shadow Master - 20
Mind Blast - 1
Death Sentry - 20
Blade Fury - 1
All prereqs - 1

Res ( :( ):


Weapon: Fleshripper (Shaeled)
Shield: Stormshield (with a PDiamond)
Head: Tal Rasha (with a tal rune)
Body: Duress (1510 def) [196 str required]
Belt: IK
Boots: random rare myrmidon
Gloves: +3 MA / 3% mana leech (bought from charsi)
Amulet: +3 MA / Replenish Life +9
Ring1: Ravenfrost (+18 dex)
Ring2: Random rare with 7% life leech, 5% AR, +4 str, and a couple of res

other weapons i have: Obedience, Black, Strenght

i was thinking to change the skills by lowering Death Sentry and Raising Fade (to 20), this would fix the res problems in hell (and the hidden bonus is good too!)
after this i would socket 2 15% IAS jewels on the tal rasha and the stormshield

any suggestion? =/
i really need some help for the stats, should i reach max block?
Thank you for your help.


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Re: Help me respec my kicksin plz =/

My suggestion is to not change DS for Fade.

Since you don't need the + skills amulet, a lot of res (20+) can be found there (mara's or metalgrid).

Max block is good, but not completely necessary for general PvM play. If it was a UT kicker, it'd be worth the change, but you should be fine as is.


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Re: Help me respec my kicksin plz =/

A level 20 SM is a bit wasteful, as I don't think she survives uberland long enough to justify so many points.

A level 20 Venom isn't necessarily ideal as you aren't in pvp where damage over time really matters and dtalon is applied faster than even the .4 sec duration. You won't get full poison damage for each of your kicks - more damage can be done synergizing LS.

Fade is more for clean up to finish stacking res, you can't expect it to cover Meph's conviction alone - that comes primarily from gear/charms

Your armor and boots are too heavy - you don't having any multipliers to make def worth focusing on. Gores and Dancers work because they have -req on them along with their other stats.

Max block isn't necessary for even uberland, but you want at least 50%.

Dracul's are needed for lifetap as you have no other source.

Your second ring should be dual leech.

I would drop the tal helm and go for kira's since it has fhr and heavy resists.

Amulet should have at least 20% res all.


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Re: Help me respec my kicksin plz =/

At what level is Venom skill level ideal for general pvm?

(this is not meant to be sacrastic or something. I am just curious cause i am building my first kicker/trapper myself).


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Re: Help me respec my kicksin plz =/

Base level and letting any + skills work on it, but not focus on it.