help me plz


help me plz

im kind of a newb, so go easy on me plz ^^

im building a martrial assa...
i dont know what skill to use, what skills to max, nothing.

i got like 2-3 ists to spend... at a max, 3ists + mal.

i got jade talon with +2 martrial, i got one martrial skiller, i got a quite low torch (15 15), natalyas boots...
for the armor, i dont think i want eni (my fcr wont be that good i think, up for you to decide though), i have natalyas head... or i could buy a shako.
for my armor, i think ill use the rw treachery with +2 assa skills.
also, i got 2 claws, each with +1 assa skill :/
i could buy hoto + spirit or something... not sure, so help plz :D

also i dunno what stats to put in :p


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what char are you building? dont understand martrial ama.. :) on your equipment choises it seems like a trapper.. but i kinda thought you meant martial art with martrial ama.. :)