help me plz

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help me plz

i was hacked today and after i was hacked the person deleted my other account so i was wondering if ne 1 cood give me free.



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xdeathwarriorx said:
he was my real frend so wen i typed in my pw he sum how either saw my pw or he found it out.
Well, even if I wanted to help you out. I can not because I play US East. Sorry. :confused:


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sry to hear even a real life friend would do this, even though it is just a game and many of us still spend either a lot of time or little time a day on it.


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xdeathwarriorx said:
k sry and thx
This should give the impression that you understood Trojan Gladiator's reply that this forum is not for begging for items, but apparently you have a short memory:
xdeathwarriorx said:
u wouldnt help me out:( y not my mf char was deleted and my mules
  • Use the sticky thread SilentMagik pointed you to.
  • Be a bit wiser in your choice of friends.
  • And for god's sake, lose the pathetic attitude.


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It's sad to hear that your account was stolen, but don't forget that it is a game. No matter what, hating people because of a game is an act of stupidity.

Here's a piece of advice:

- Never give your password to anyone. When I say anyone, ANYONE. No matter if he/she is a friend you've known for many years, or even your brother or sister. If you have tou give the password to someone for some reason, give it but afterwards change it.

- The only place you have to type your password in is in the login screen and password change screen, period.

- For transfers of very high valued items it's better to have another pair of CD-keys (They are really cheap these days).

- Nobody dupes for unknown people

- Trust only yourself


Ok I see where this thread may end up going, So I will close it.

To the thread starter :

You gave someone your account name and password, so You did this to yourself.

The others on this forum may or may not decide to help, that is their chioce.

Personally I would opt on the side of caution

It ould be a god idea to take the words of Snowieken and Megartis seriously.
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