Help Me Plx!!!


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Help Me Plx!!!

I was at jsp, just looking around and i clicked a link and they said it's a keylogger link in the thread !!! Omg plx help wha ti do now :((?
edit: the thread was deleted, some guy mentioned something called "hijackthis". Anyone know if thisis safe?


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yes lol download hijack this although i was the one who originally said it so if u want to be extra sure just wait till someone else confirms it,

also u could get spybot search and destroy or lavasofts ad-aware

for now though, do not type in anything important, especially dont do internet banking :undecided:


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Spybot: Search and Destroy

These are all freeware is should remove it, that or if you want to be positive the keylogger is gone you need to burn that computer, even the modem, possibly your ISP's building... Hah just jokin' but download those programs and run them.


In my experience ad-aware creates more adware than it deletes. It leaves various other trackers all over the place and makes





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ad-aware is good, just disable it from auto starting and run it whenever you think you might have a problem


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Dead sure way to ensure you dont have keyloggers: backup and format your hard drive.


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I'm agreeing with greyhost here, Adaware creates (overtime) more problems than it solves. And most problems just keep coming back anyway.

Just run an antivirus program and/or possibly one of the other programs mentioned (I don't know them)

I only use AVG and I have no problems whatsoever with anything at all.

Btw, a safe way to see if the link is ok is to reply to that post, so you can see the actual link behind it in the tags, if you don't know it, don't click it. If other people in the thread clicked it and no one had any problems than go ahead and click it. If no one else clicked it sofar, or there are problems, just avoid it.


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ael said:
Dead sure way to ensure you dont have keyloggers: backup and format your hard drive.
There's an easier way believe it or not.

Wait till this --- >

site is back up and then signup and post in the help forums with a HIJACKTHIS log and the situation they will figure out the problem and help you through it step by step. This was how I got my computer fixed last time instead of reformatting again.

They normally take a few hours to respond. If there are a lot of people with questions and or people they are helping they will take longer.

Btw one more thing... Are signatures like not allowed on this forum? I haven't seen one guy with one.


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Those forums seem to be to busy atm:)

I ran a check probs with search n destroy, 110 problems found oO. All fixed now. What can i do more to remove it/ensure its removed atm?
edit: a weird thing was that when i clicked the link it came up with some fast floating picture of "goatse" (if you don't know what this is, it's best to keep it that way) and a male voice saying something involving the word "porn" i think. Also there was 1 guy who said something like this: It seems its xxx's(insert name here)keylogger. And other guys were: I can't believe you guys fell for this. Oldest trick in the book etc.


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Dredd said:
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Thanks for the quick reply.

And ilovesoda. I did the excat same thing but problems kept popping up so I went to them anyway. And sure enough they were able to help me remove things that were not detected by the ad-ware programs or the anti-viruses.


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ilovesoda said:
edit: a weird thing was that when i clicked the link it came up with some fast floating picture ... and a male voice
Do you mean the tech support link or the first one you clicked?


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im at a friends house now, this thing had a nasty form of spyware/adware on it
whenever you explore temporary internet files it would immediately shut down :banghead:
fixed now by booting to real dos and renaming the folder to deleteme, then rebooting and deleting, windows rebuilds necessary folders when needed :azn: