Help me make my v/t.


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Help me make my v/t.

K I got some gear together for my MLD (mid lvl duel) Vindi/temp.
Hand of Blessed Light...Shaeled. Not sure if I made the right choice there.
Blackbogs Sharp Shaeled (in case I run into bm mlder's ^_^)

Main problem with wpn choice is whether Um would add more dmg at lv 47
than + skills.

Looking for a jewelers or Rosebranded of quickness (dunno if dual um's worth it at lvl 47 which is what I plan on)

Guardian Angel um'd
.8 gaze
Peasant crown
Perf String of ears
Armageddon slippers
Ravenfrost 20dex
Second ring..options here...Bitter turn-131 ar 13/13 dex/str 12 mana 27 lit res
or Soj.
Grim spurs
Gloves...trying to find a godly pair of lvl 45-7 gloves with ias cb and stats
Um'd hoz x2 for wpn switching between Hobl (for foh) and My main wpn.

3 leftover pcombats with 26-8 are gonna have to be plain cuz they cost a friggin fortune now.
Random 20 life sc's...none with resist...I dont need to stack much in nm (hopefully and if I do I will use a crowbill with all 30 single res jewels in it or thawing pots vs sosers if they're high lvl'd har har har).

My main problem is that I dont know what a lvl 47 does in Open wounds over 8 secs, so I cant choose a wpn. And theres the fact that I cant use Silence not even in a crowbill. Im not spending much to make this guy I already have his gear in disuse. Edit more to come later ty for any help.


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K im now lvl 57 using an Spb and looking for a better rosebranded of quickness so I dont have to use friggin Hobl to foh with which kills my life vs Cta users