Help me make my creative new build!


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Help me make my creative new build!

Hey i thought that it would be fun if everyone pitched in to create new builds for everyone, since everyones knowledge on d2 is pretty good.

So... i want to create a necro aura summoner. I know the skills, but wats the most auras i can get on me + merc, so that there are like 20 different lights uner my feet?


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Well, there's quite a lot of runewords that grant auras: Beast, Faith, Bramble, Insight, Infinity, Last Wish, Phoenix, Dream, Dragon, Hand of Justice, Doom, Ice, and I might be missing a few more.


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"Auras When Equipped" table in the second post here might help, also remember that your iron golem can give you another aura :thumbsup:


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I tried making something similar a while back.

Faith on switch on a summoner, with a might/pride merc. Summons do ok with all the auras but I was so disappointed with the crummy dmg the faith did in the hands of a necro that I gave up the build(didnt really think too far ahead with it).

You could add dream helm and i guess bramble armor on your merc if you want the max aruas that will affect your summons, but I think holy freeze/shock/fire wont show up on them, may be wrong on that though.


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This topic has been addressed in the necro forum (search just that forum and you will probably find it).

The general consensus is that Max skellies, mages, and CE kill faster with +skills and normal auras. I know you said fun, but that is fun if you have not done that before.

Dual dream, Dual dragon with conviction merc would do very well with skellies and CE.


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I have that build - very fun. & I use bramble/pride on my might merc, but instead of faith, I use Beast. Also, the dream helm/shield I believe only give aura to the necro and not the summons.

As for a new build, try a Bow-a-barb. No real suggestions, it just seemed 'new' Thread OPEN!