Help me kill Clone Diablo


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Help me kill Clone Diablo

Hi.. my bowazon is currently lvl89. I am currently in a private game and met Uber diablo. (this is my 4th encounter with UberD. but I still havent got a single unique charm.)

1st encounter : I gave up after 400 deaths. couldnt hurt a bit off Diablo. (my clvl 77)

2nd encounter : Asked for other ppl for help. they did kill it. but also just took the unique charm.

3rd encounter : Same thing.

If there is any nice, generous people out there who can help me kill this thing. and plz let me pick up the charm , whisper me

I've been trying to hurt this Diablo for past 2 hours.. lol
Too difficult for my bowazon clvl 89.
I do need 'Prevent monster heal'
and my resistance suck.. plz someone help me out


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finally got it

5 mins after posting a thread here,
a nice guy joined in.. killed it in about 1.5 mins.
thank you so much .