help me i'm new


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help me i'm new

actually i'm not new to PvP but i am to PvM

what is better for PvM Barb or Amazon?

what are the faster run/walk frame numbers such as you have numbers for faster cast rate frames, etc.

has there been any significant patch changes since 1.10 when i last played almost a year ago?


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well theres really no difference b/w barb and zon depending on the build but i personally would go with zon.

i'm not sure about the walk/run frame rates

no new patch since 1.10


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I suggest to select a bowazon if you can afford it to equip her with stuff which will enable her to do WSK runs. For example, mine has Faith+Fortitude (average ones cost 3 HRs), Andy's Visage with IAS/30 fire res jewel (jewel costs Ist), a couple of other items and a ton of allres charms which might cost perhaps a dozen Um runes.

If you are rather poor, select an IK barb with WW. He can do solo WSK runs as well, outrunning or out-jumping OKs, PI succubi and dolls, of course. The IK set costs Um (for the armor) plus pgems (for the rest) and if Angelic ammy+2rings are good enough for you, you just need another 10 pgems to complete him. If you can afford it, I suggest Ravenfrost, BK ring and Metalgrid, however. Build up a little excess resists with charms (in case you get amped or decrepped) and either use plain warcries skillers or plain max/ar charms - no xx/life charms are necessary for PvM. The IK maul needs another 30%IAS to reach the final WW breakpoint, but that's why the 1.10 one has 2 open sockets :)

If you don't have an effective MF character at all, start a meteorb sorc and do nightmare Meph runs, followed by hell Meph runs (applying the moat trick) until your fingers bleed. Switch to Tunnels, Eldritch and Pnidleskin later.

See the forums for the appropriate classes for details (and the sorc forum for the moat trick).