Help me!!! How can i beat this uber!


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Hi everybody,

I need help to beat the lilith. I have a ww barbarian with the below items.

Right hand:Grief (40% IAS,+400 dmg with colossus blade) (Unfortunaly in the character screen damage is like sheet)
Left hand:eth colossus sword with OATH runeword
body armor:Stone runeword with lacquered Plate
head gear:arrerat face with one socket
glove:laying of hands
boot:crafted war boots with 30% faster walk and 3% life leech
belt:mavina s tenet with 20% faster walk and 5% mana leech
amulet:highlord s
ring1:raven frost
ring2:blood crafted with 18 strenght and 3 %life leech

I am at lvl 91 I was thinking I did a very strong build until I faced with Lilith. Also i did my poison resistance full but i can not beat her with my merc.

My merch act 2 holy freeze with reaper toll and duress runeword and thief head gear with 11% life leech.

Pls give some tactics...



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Your going to find not having crushing blow items and some open wounds a bit of an issue when it comes to ubers. Also, by the time you get to the big boys, your going to also find that WW, while an excellent skill throughout the game, is not good vs them due to inability to leach.

Edit:[SIZE=-1][SIZE=-1][Guillaume's Face,[/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=-1][SIZE=-1][SIZE=-1]Gore Rider & [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=-1][SIZE=-1][SIZE=-1]Dracul's Grasp[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE] are some decent choices for that problem. Also, Fort or CoH or even Duress for Armour would be more useful then stone.
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I would be running Frenzy build for ubers.

Arreats or Guilli's
Angelic Amulet
2 Angelic Rings
Grief BA
Beast BA
Gore Riders
Strings (LL), Tgods (Lsorb), Dungos (Meh), Arach (+skill), Mavs (ML)

I am speculating, bc it's been a while, but the fant on Beast should get you to the last BP w/ frenzy.
The CB from Beast is great, as is Gores, and if you need more you have Guill's helm to use.

I would only use BA's to put the RWs in. If you're getting fancy and have a lot to spend get some AR on the BA base.
You'll be needing the Dracs to cast life tap and with the AR bonus from Angelics you should cast quite a bit. If you are still hurting, I would use string of ears for more LL.

Also, don't expect your merc to ever survive Ubers. They won't. Vs minors they are fine, but once Meph comes close he will die very easily.

EDIT: There should be a Frezy Uber Guide around here somewhere, and I have extracted this from a thread while looking around:

After playing with all these combos many many times, I can vouch for:

Max Safety w/ High Life, High Life|Mana Leech, High Damage | High CB | Deadly Strike
= eBotdz + eDeathz

Max Damage w/ Med Life, Low Life|Mana Leech, Med Safety | Low CB | Deadly Strike
= Griefpb + Griefpb

Max Speed w/ Med Life, Medium Life|Mana Leech, High Damage | Med CB | Deadly Strike
= Beastz + Griefz
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