Help me decide on builds

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Help me decide on builds

I call on the collective wisdom of the SPF :worship:

Help me decide what character builds will give me the best opportunity to complete my HC Septavirate Quest (link in sig). I have two Guardians, and want five more, but am suxxor at playing melee characters in general. So my approach has been to select ranged builds that can survive under these two restrictions:
* no twinking at all, no extra ATMA stash at my disposal
* no MP games

My Overlord and Trapper are done. I'm comfortable with my plan for:
* Fire Elemental Druid
* Throw Barb
* Orb/Meteor Sorc

I'm open to the majority view on my last two:
* Amazon - Bow or Javalin? (I'm not skilled enough to attempt a hybrid)
* Paladin - Ranger (bow/xbow) or Hammerdin

Make your vote(s) count...

EDIT: You can select multiple voting options :)


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i voted "i want beer" cause, well i do...

i would go with the ranger pally, seems to be fun. And javeline ama.

GL anyway :)


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My vote went to javazon and hammerdin. Though I'd give my javazon (I call her LFzon because she doesn't use any other spear/javelin skills) a point in guided arrow to deal with LI enemies.

The hammerdin is really obvious. Probably the easiest and least item dependant paladin build I can think of.

I'd definetly stay away from the bowzon, though it pains me to say that as I've always been fond of them. But they just don't do very well untwinked. Low resistances wouldn't be a major problem, getting a good bow is what made me go more LF/less Strafe on my hybrid.


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Well due to recent events in the SPHCL I voted for pure safety - Bowazon and Ranger. While the Hammerdin has loads of kill power the in-game obstacles and the hammer pattern really can be the downfall of an HC Hammerdin. Being able to shoot directly has major advantages in an HC environment.

As for the Bowazon if you haven't played a Magezon that would probably be pretty cool. Freezing Arrow/Firewall with some Strafe and Guided for physical damage. However a basic HybridZon takes LF for the Jav skill for pure massive power. It isn't that hard to play.

I don't like the Javazon for one reason - the temptation to melee. I had an event with my current SPHCL HybridZon where I ran up to finish off something with a single Power Strike in the CS. That one attack cost her half her life when she suddenly got IM'ed. There are too many reasons in 1.10 SP to avoid any melee, and if you play a Javazon you are gonna have some kind of melee skill. You siimply can't run around blowing javelins and mana on singles and the like to use LF on them.


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I went with Javazon and Ranger. I also blame Durf. I took the I want beer option, and the last option too. Although I'm sure you can acchieve this quest AE. :)


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Well first of, I blame Durf for this poll and you're crazy for attempting this quest. I'd want beer if I'd drink it at all, so instead I want bacardicola.

As for your quest, you'll most likely have the best chance in completing your quest with javazon and hammerdin, provided learning to aim isn't a problem for you wiht the hammerdin (seems that for some people it's overwhelming)

Anyway, good luck with it :)


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I would avoid the bowazon/javazon and ranger combo since boths builds are similar especially the bowazon/ranger. You may find yourself losing interest in the second char latter on.