help me choose armor for my barb

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help me choose armor for my barb


please help me choose my armor:
1) fort superior dusk shroud (103 life @ chrlvl 92, 30 res to all, 212%ed, def 1475)
2) fort great hauberk (103 life @ chrlvl 92, 29 res to all, 200%ed, def 1503)

edit: can't change poll, but ed for great hauberk should be 200%!

sir goatscelot

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The small amount of Def increase does not justify the extra 41 stat points spent on Str in order to equip the Hauberk imho..the only issue I see is that you will have to repair the Dusk more often :(

soul killer

Less str needed, with means more pts in vita which means more life which means better chances of surviving atks.


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well if str isnt the problem, find out whats the repair cost per durab on each... i bet one of them is 35k or 50k.... trade that LOL

Eilo Rytyj

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Dusk definately. It was superior to begin with, so had max defense+1 before the +212%.

The GH had 501 defense to begin with, the highest roll for a GH, but it isn't superior... and the strength requirement is a bit much to worry about.

I'm just wondering though... a 12% superior Dusk Fort, 212% ed, would make: (467+1)*3.12 = 1460 def.
A 15% superior Dusk Fort would only get 1474 def. Is there something I'm missing, or is there a typo somewhere?

EDIT: repairs can and should be done with Ral runes. Keep a couple in stash for when it runs low.