Help Me Choose a PvPer


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Help Me Choose a PvPer

Umm im new to diabloii forums(came from blizzhackers) but i have to say its better here.


Im making a new PvPer. Im in charge of PvP section of a small clan. Im not lookin 4 the best PvPer cuz theres no such thing. Price isnt an option either.
I dont wanna make a fber, bvc, or bowazon cuz i have all of those. Also i dont want nething gay and cheap and boring that everyone complains about like a trappa, auradin, smiter ect. i'm just wonderin if neone can help with a fun build that take sum skill to use buts a good build. Ne stats, skills or gear help would be great(im not a newb to d2 so dunt worry). Ty in Adavnced all.


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FO/ES<--- I just made one :)
Bombsin(Fireblast+Shock webs) People dont usually complain if you play with some manners. Fire blast is very fun to use.
Bonemancers are fun builds.
Always go for the max block route.


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You should make a fire druid. They are plain cool, and also, there are virtually no such druids around. They can be pretty effective if built properly, and since economy wasn't an issue, I'd say you should try!


My favorite of my PvP'ers so far is my Lightning Sorc. Fun, Effective, and Sexy. Although expensive for primo gear.


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Ty all. Hate to kind of repost but I dunno. Fire druid and fo/es sound good(both were kinda on my mind but I thought I run it through sum ppl first) also bomb sin is pretty cool sounding. If u have ne gear links be a help(fire druid i think i got cuz i no flames, hes best fire druid ladda east sc)


If you're the leader of the PvP section, you should have a character very capable and effective for PvP.

FO/ES is one of the most effective sorc builds out there, and personally I would reccomend it.

Fire druid is mainly for pvm/fun.. And not a strong PvP competitor, because the cooldown times on the spells are too long, and armageddon is completely random.

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First things first..... Type propertly.. "nbd crs if u tp lk this al d tim", put 1 bloody minute in spellchecking...

Anyways, I'd go FO/Es sorc, thinking of making one myself...


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Ya fo/es...TY. I will make sure to type properly just for you ;) Not Really a pvp question but flame since you have fo/es I was wonderin exactly what does telekini do for es???


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IMCanadian said:
Ya fo/es...TY. I will make sure to type properly just for you ;) Not Really a pvp question but flame since you have fo/es I was wonderin exactly what does telekini do for es???
it's a synergy.

For guides to these builds, you can visit their forums for each appropratiate class. The sticky for guides are at the top.


Yeah, easy build, you could read a guide for it, but its quite simple and you dont really need to


20 icebolt
20 orb
20 Telekinesis
20 Energy shield
20 Cold mastery

I reccomend putting 10 in CM before maxing the rest, then finish off maxing CM after.. to fully finish all the skills you couldn't doddle.. and youd need level 90 i believe.


Deaths fathom
Nightwings veil
Armageddon fletch (if NL) or Maras kaleidoscope if L
Chains of honor
2x fcr rings
resist boots or Treks
Cta/lidless on switch
10x gold gcs w/ FHR or life
9x 5% fhr or 20 life scs

Done. Pretty damn expensive, but this build owns really badly, and is very fun to play. Ive had my Orb/ES sorc for over a year and haven't stripped her, because she's a great dueler, and Orb with a good cold mastery is very tough to negate. If people absorb you and stack res really high you could try and grab a wand of lower resist aswell. try and cold facet your helm and orb.