Help me a bit.


Help me a bit.

I have played diablo for years in Bnet. Now i started to play in SP.
I meet new words like RWM or im not sure and i dont know what they mean. About mods, do you guys usually play unmodded version on SP or modded version? I just wanna know :) I have 36 lvl sorc who is meteor/orb sorc. And which one is better: In open or just in single? And do you guys play the game through by yourselfes, not by boosting etc..
That's all.:smiley:


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Hi, welcome to SPF.
1) Read the FAQ, it will help to understand how things work here.
2) FAQ will also answer the mod question. A lot of SPF memebers play RRM/RWM mods and they probably already outnumbered the vanilla ones (=without any mod). At least those who are trading and MPing.
3) Playing on open BNET = cheating in SPF. Trading here (or participating in MP with SPF members) after playing on BNET can get you banned.
It's because open is full of hacked and duped items.


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RWM is runeword mod which enables to use realm-ladder only runewords in single player. RRM is red rune mod, which just changes the colors of runes to red. I, myself play unmodded (vanilla), but from what I see, a large part of the SPF community plays RWM/RRM mods.
Open is not preffered, because it is full of hacked items/characters so if you play/trade with them, you are effected by them and you will not be accepted in MP games, tournaments, trading etc. here.


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Well if u want to trade and mp then i suggest u get mods becoz there are more people who use mods then who dont and its pretty hard to find a vanilla mp partner/trader.


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Naab said:
Well if u want to trade and mp then i suggest u get mods becoz there are more people who use mods then who dont and its pretty hard to find a vanilla mp partner/trader.
Everybody else is doing it is generally a poor reason to do anything. :wink3:

I would recommend deciding whether or not to use mods based on if the mods will improve your enjoyment of the game. It's easy to convert to modded latter on, going the other direction is not (you would have to start over.) I would recommend starting out unmodded and see how that goes. You can always install the mods later if you decide it would make the game more fun.


Thanks to all for helping me in my situation. Im now in nm act2 with my sorc and I havent modded anything. But we'll see what the future brings.


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Hey, welcome. I went RWM/RRM because it seemed easier to find MP/trade partners than vanilla. I have recently started a couple of Vanilla characters and have separate Vanilla ATMA stashes. Can I suggest a similar setup?

All RWM/RRM is is a text file with an additional couple of - switches in the shortcut. If you maintain your vanilla stashes/characters and have two shortcuts on your desktop, these could be completely separate to your RWM stuff. For example my Vanilla characters are all Sem_xxxxxx

Sample of my stashes directory:
Vanilla Stashes/Uniques
Vanilla Stashes/gems

If you keep everything vanilla until you move it onto a rwm character then leave it in the rwm stashes, you should be fine.

I hope that was half coherant, I am on my first cup of tea.

Just make sure you know which is which.


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Welcome! You need to decide what's best for you. Just remember to declare what your mod status is (Vanilla, RWM, RRM, or RWM/RRM) before trading or mping.


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RRM (red rune mod) does exactly what the name says. In-game the runes as they drop has a red name, so they are much easier to spot