help lighting sorc Please :(


help lighting sorc Please :(

Can you help me, Im trying to make a Sorc that can do well in pvp and pvm and farming, but pvp is a last thing I need

1 warmth
1 telekinesis
1 teleport
1 thunder storm
1 or 0 energy shield
20 charged bolt
20 lightning
20 chain lightning
20 lightning mastery
20 nova

with all those maxed my lightning skill should do 5-31000 dmg or around that, also what items do u recommend and what should I put for dex, str, energy and vitality..please help :cool:


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if ur gona use ES u shld max telekinesis, else juz go max block...

for mine I maxed
lightning mastery
15 in chain light and CB
1 in ES

now i kinda regret putting so much into CB cuz i could have put them into nova and thus getting TS...

I use,

light eschutas
light ormus
spirit shield
maras/+3 light ammy
soj/str+fcr ring

also got anni and a couple of light gc and do abt 18k max damage...
i still got plenty of stat points and am planning to go max block with SS

you can check out the ES pvp guide in the stickies...
oh and when ur synergising only 1 elemental tree, u wont really do that well in PvM cuz many are light immune(tho there are more fire and cold immunes)...
so u gota run/tele at the sight of those immune to ur element...


so I think I will be going max block because I dont have enough points for energy shield and tek stuff, so how much dex is max block (where is a chart) and does my sorc need SS Shield or is there another shield that would do better or about same at a lower str cost, I dont really like str, rather put my points into mana and vit


so I thought of another thing, what if I dont put antyhing in dex except needed for armor, I dont really need max block if I evade melee guys and people with magic I will just have to teleport and attack alot and try not to get hit, since energy shield would be only defense vs magic and high dex is a waste for 75% block if you cant block magic..

so this leaves me with

Str = Enough for armor
Dex = Enough for armor
Life = Put lots into here
Energy = Put lots in here, more then life


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i actually survived pretty well with juz base 10 vit in hell...
ended up with 500 life...

from what i remember, the +life/vit point is too little and most pple recommend putting everything into energy...


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finally got my ES/lit sorc up to lvl88...
planning to retire lvling equipment and merc and go into some pking...

even now i still got like 140 unused stat points which im uncertain where to put them...i already have enough str to use monarchs, base dex and vit so far with rest into energy...

im still very very undecided to max block and put the points into dex ornot...
my ES is only ~lvl22 irrc...and mana is abt 1.5k so far...


yea, since im going pure dmg (no es) I will just put energy to aleast 300points and rest in vit, enough str for armor, like 50 str