Help in Hell(javazon)


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Help in Hell(javazon)

ello peeps,

I've recently started this game for the first time around 2 weeks ago and everything has been smooth...until I reached hell. Currently my javazon is 89, soon 90 with a few baal runs. My goal is to do my own hell runs. My major problem is fighting against lighting immunes. I was wondering what equips I can upgrade to fight against the immunes.( currently use jab and straff on second set of weapons)

Here is a list of my equips
Titan's revenge ceremonial javalin
griffron's eye diadem
x2 maland heal ring
highlords wrath ammy
skull hand gualents(for +1 java skill)
arachnid mesh spiderweb sash
sandstorm trek scarbshell boots
mosser's blessed circle round shield

120 str
234 dex
256 val
27 mana

Only thing I plan on getting is Chains of Honor which seems almost impossible to get cause I can do my own rune hunting yet.

And oh, are perfect skulls worth anything? I got 6. Are there better gems to farm?
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Re: Help in Hell(javazon)

When I use a javazon I go for the "Tankazon" aspect of it. I usually get enough points for 50% in Dodge/avoid/evade and 25% in crit. Rest goes in JAVALIN moves. I am unsure why people use the spear moves for a JAVAzon. Sorry if that is being mean but honestly it's not a javazon without javalin moves.

Loose the Manald's they are crap. If you have any AR problems then go with a Raven Frost if not BK's are always nice. (Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band) Highlords is good for melee builds not sure about javazon. For wep use the Unique Matriarchal Javalin (thunderstroke) For a shield I would use Kerke's Sanctuary (or however you spell it... sorry don't know alot of shields)

Oh don't ever put points in Energy unless it is a ES sorc. Otherwise you can live without them. What is your current armor? What is socketed in your Moser's? Is your Dex enough for max block?

Honestly I use the poison skills for my javazons. It helps against the dreaded LI's but again I use the JAVALIN moves not the spear moves.

Oh a word of advice, I don't think that this should be a "newcomer" thread. Your in Hell. You should've posted this in the "Amazon" forum. But anyway good job on Hell. Still have yet to get a javazon there...
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Re: Help in Hell(javazon)

Smoke is a great substitute for a Javazon, also you might want to try out Duress or Fortitude.


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Re: Help in Hell(javazon)

infinity runeword solves majority of the lightning immune problems. get one for your merc.
In rare cases when it cannot be broken by infinity, use jab.


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Re: Help in Hell(javazon)

also, if you've killed hell baal you are already set up for rune hunting. based on the numbers, the best place to find runes are the high level places that simply have tons of mobs. there is no place that has 'increased' rune drops, so just kill stuff.

My favorite stomping grounds are all in hell : cows, chaos sanctuary, and wsk (not baal, just the keep itself). Cows is a great place for a lightning zon' can kill everything in there quickly, and the king is safe (immune to lightning).