Help in Deciding Necro build.


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Help in Deciding Necro build.

I have chosen to do a skellimancer from the guide in the necro forum, but using the warrior/mage build. This is what it looks like.

Max Skeleton Mastery
Max Skeleton Warrior
Max Skelton Mage
1 Clay Golem
1 Golem Resist
*1* Summon Resist

1 Teeth (pre-req)
1 Bone Armor
10 Corpse Explosion
1 Bone Wall
1 Bone Prison
1 Bone Spear

1 Amp Damage
10 Dim Vision
1 Weaken
1 Iron Maiden
1 Terror
1 Confuse
1 Life Tap
1 Attract
6 Decrepify
1 Lower Resist

Now im wondering whether i shud substitute the 10 DIM VISION and the 10 CE into Bone Spear instead and perhaps some of the other curses into Bone Prison. What do u guys think. I plan on doing MF runs with this character in hell :winner: THanks~


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This depends entirely on your play style, if you want to curse and explode the bodies of the things your skelleis kill or if you want to actively kill things.

I could be wrong but I don't think that even maxed bone spear will be very useful in hell without the synergies being pumped. Another thing, Bone prison is nice for the phys immune monsters to pin them down so your mages can kill them ... but if you use it all the time your skelly warriors will be useless because they won't be able to get at things to hit them.

My personal choice in these changes would be to put the 20 points from CE and Dim Vision into Bone Spirit and some points from the other curses into the synergies.

However, if you want to MF then you'll be sacrificing some plus to skills gear for greater MF% so you may find that bone spirit becomes less useful during Mfing (not much experience here myself). Whereas if you use the curses and corpse explosion(where the dmg doesn't change....just the range) it might be a better MF build.

Hope this was in any way helpful.


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A great way to avoid having to pump points into bone spear or another killing skill is to get a merc that can kill at least single targets. This will help you get started with summoning skeletons when you first enter a game. Then once your gang is ready, you can start the summon killing party =).