help! i cant run the game!


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help! i cant run the game!

hello :thumbsup:
Yesterday,after years of not playing, i installed diablo II (no LoD). the installation went good, but whenever i run the game,it crashes and leaves this message:
i tried to reinstall the game,but it doesn't work. also i may note that i have the original game on Cd, i didn't illegaly download it!
please help me!

thanks in advance :laugh:


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What operating system do you use?

Edit: Also, try switching video modes via D2VidTst and seeing if that stops the problem.


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My guess: your OS need reinstallation (especially if it's WIN).
Or your computer is really old, try to run some memory test.


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Hmmm.... I have the same OS and my computer is of the newish scale of things and it runs idealy, If i was you I would goto bnets error msg page. and try to find out whats going on ide post the link but i dont have it atm...