help here please javazon


help here please javazon

hi, im planning on building my first javazon.
wat attributes do i have to put in(energy, dex, strength, vita).
coz im using light. fury as my main skill, wat synergy do i have to put in?

wats the ebst equipment (javelin, armor, shield, helm, ammy, 2 rings, belt, gloves and boots?)

thi is for PvM.

Sorry all this stupid questions but really need help.

Thank youv ery much. guys:wave:


also, waht is the bests runeword for a javazon like me?
wat should be my left clikc and right click?? thank you g guys!!!!


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for a javazon, it is advisable to max out lightning fury and charged strike. this way you a perfect crowd control skill and a fast boss killer. If you want to benefit from lf, you need to have near max out pierce. I like razortails a lot for that. Yet thundergods have some interesting stats as well.

As javelin you need to have a titan. No need for ethereal, but it can help too leech mana back, or kill LI with jab. On the other hand, you can't repair them. For the rest you should chose how you are going to play her. Mostly you should build her like a caster, meaning that you need mana and manaregeneration and +skills. Yet if you want to go PVP with bosses, you need to have resistance.
If you want to leech mana back, you need a lot of ar and leech and damage.

The best rune word is certainly infinity, or what even polearm that gives conviction. This way you should fry monster and even those that are LI, a bit.

As stats, the basic point. Go for max block, and pump vitality up. and if it most, put points in energy, yet this gives but little benefit and +mana from items might be better if you can find some.
For the rest, I'd read a good guide about it, or just go and see. Normally, javazon with some skill and not to bad equipment should be capable of playing easily. Certainly if you can get a good tank. Perhaps max out valk and decoy, though some say this is not good. Same for dodge and evade. Just put in there as many points as you think you need, and save the rest for lightning strike or a bow skill for the LI.


thanks very much

but im still not sure where to put my attributes. please rank them form 1 to 4.

so the best weap is titan. wat about armor, gloves, boots, helm, rings ammy, and shield?

also, u told me to max charged strike. why???
i use l fury as my main skill.

and wat should be my left click and right click?

thank you very much.


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left and right click should be how you like it. Anyway, you probably only have about two skills to use, lightning fury and charged strike. So you should chose these your self.
I do everything with my right click and run with my left. And that works for me.

You don't need charged strike, though it is very usefull. This is a skill that is one of the fastest bosskiller for the amazon. Only crusing blow jab might be stronger. At lvl 20 with 20 points in synergy, you do about 450 damage per charged bolt, you do seven charged bolt per attack. Against a act boss, most of them will hit so that is about 3k damage per attack. You can't do better with a lightning amazon than you can do with that skill.

About gear, I'd just look in a guide or something.
helm: shako (um)
shield: spirit (for redemption), or caster luna(crafted; with the right mods, you can get very much block and a faster block rate, good resist and that for only a luna, low strength req. Where spirit has high req.)
golves: something with IAS, skills, resistance... (craft these or find rares.)
boots: chose what you like, I don't think there is one thing that stand out. On the other hand, if you want to go for jab too. Get gores (or those boots that give crusing blow/deadly strike/ openwounds.
ring: cretainly a raven frost (for the extra mana and can't be frozen). And then a plus skill ring, or fill in what you need. If you need lightning resist, you can get rings that add about 40% to ond of the tree, I think. Or dual leech, can't go wrong with that.
amu: If you don't need IAS, block, dex... Get some +2 to amazon skills, or perhaps +3 to javelin and spear skills (only magic sadly). Else, have a look at the unique amulets.
armour, good questions.

Once more, I don't know these things by heart, and people have writting like a zillion guides about lightning fury zons, find one and read it. You realy can't do that much wrong.

stats: decide what gear you will wear. Count all the + strength. Add what you need the wear your heaviest equipment. Don't add a single more.
Once you wear you end game gear. Add dex untill you have max block. And each lvl you get more to, so you keep on having max block.
vit: everything you can spare.
energy: probably you don't need anything, or very little.

P.S. have a look at the boots Silkweave, good to keep you mana high I find.
or crafted caster boots. (+5% max mana.)

P.P.S. This is mostly gear for ranged use. So you shouldn't be hit and therefore don't damage reduction, super high resist, FHR... though perhaps you need a bit more IAS.


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Both are good, Though I was referring to pheonix (redemption) while saying spirit, sorry for that. And I don't think one stands out. You can find cheaper good alternatives, as sad before.


thank you.
but i still need to know wat is th best pair for PvM.

is it enigma with spirit?
is it Coh with Spirit?
is it enigma with phoenix?
or is it Coh with phoenix?

also, NASE, could you please tell me wat should be my left and right click??

ppl say charged strike is sooooo good. why is that??? should i use jab or charged strike for my left click? (remember that in hell, many enemies are immune to lightning). thats all i need to know no.

last but not least, wat should be my best shield to put runewords on???
and why do ppl like stormshield soo omuch?? is Faster Blcok Rate important for a LF zon???

Thank you very much