Help getting faster


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Help getting faster

My strafeazon just hit 73 and equipped her windforce. Yay! What a difference it made! My damage went from 304-912 to 320-2004, roughly doubling my killing power. (this was from goldstrike arch). My stats are:
s: 134 (160 or so w/gear)
d: rest
v: 85 (I intend to get it to 100)
e: base

I'm in act 2 hell having just taken down andy. I browse the threads here and I see a lot of people acting like 9/2 strafe is great and seemingly easy to get to, except, by my calcs, WF is a (10) bow and you'd need 120 IAS to get to 9/2. So, I figured, 9/3'd be okay, to, but even that seems out of reach. How do you get 120 IAS w/o eqiupping seemingly worthless (other than IAS) gear?
Here's my gear:
hat: Orphan's for CB/DS/etc
Amulet: Highlord (20ias)
Bow: WF (20ias)
Chest: Vipermagi w/ptopaz (stolen from my necro when he got trang armor)
Rings: Nature's peace, 7% manald heal (I need more ML. I run empty rather quickly)
Gloves: Venom Grip currently w/Souldrain (for more leech and allowing me to swap to raven frost ring) for when I hit 74 (1/2 a level).
Belt: Goldwrap (non-upgraded, but I need to upgrade for more potions. I die quite a bit). (10ias)
Boots: rares with faster r/w and some MF.

From this, I have 50ias which can easily become 70 w/a shael in bow, but that barely gets me from 11/3 to 10/3. My trade "reserves" are pretty low, but I can probably get ahold of some laying of hands gloves to put me at 90ias and break 9/3. What else can I do to drop this to 9/2? And is it really worth it? Where else can I find 30 ias short of socketing hat with ias (really want to wait to find shako to socket w/ias, I think). Is 9/2 noticible? Are any of you on uswest who can team w/me and show me the difference in "real life"? :)


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Hi this is from an old 1.09 faq:

Improved Attack Speed (IAS) options are:
Helmet: Stealskull (10%), M'Avina's True Sight (30%)
Amulet: Cat's Eye (20%), Highlord's Wrath (20%)
Armor: Twitchthroe (20%), Crow Caw (15%)
Gloves: Magical gloves (20%), Lavagout (20%), Laying of Hands (20%), Magnus Skin (20%), Sander's Gloves (20%)
Belt: Goldwrap (10%), Nosferatu Coil (10%)

Innate IAS on the bow.
Socketing a "shael" rune in your bow: 20% IAS
Sigon Boots and Gloves: 30% IAS
Death Gloves and Belt: 30% IAS
Socketing a jewel in your bow, armor or helmet: 15% IAS
3 socketed helm (45%)
4 socketed armor (60%)

It has a speedzon subclass in it. Most likely you'll have to give up some of your defensive capability if you want to go all out offensive. Personally, I'd junk the Vipermagi since you're not getting much there and make a 4 socketed armor. If you keep dieing you may want to look at your merc choice or change up your merc's equipment so you can hide behind him better. Lastly, you can look into summoning equipment to give you more meatshields.

btw: what merc are you using and what equipment does he/she use?


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Hi there,

just one question, you say that your damage has increase significantly after getting that WF, but has your actual killing power/speed increased?
I'm just asking this as I use my old dex / speedazon equipped with a non upgraded goldstrike and I'm doing fine in hell (even with negative resists). I still manage to kill stuff as quickly as meteorb sorcy in 4-5 player games.
I'm asking this as my displayed damage is even lower than yours, but I cherish the fact that there are so many deamons and undead in hell.

Looking at your gear my main suggestion would be to get rid of your hat and look for a stealskull with ias (mine is socketed with ias jewel). It provides you with speed and dual leech. (and 5% manaleech is enough to shoot as much as I want (with baase mana))
This allows you to wear a raven frost ring and LoH gloves for the increase in damage.
I hope you are also aware of the big penalty for ranged weapons regarding CB and that DS is mutually exclusive to CS (only one can apply). This allows you to also get rid of the Highlords if you have a better amulet.
Summoning gear should not be required, you've got the ability to use a merc, decoy and valk. Thats more than enough.

If your killing speesd is still not enough, you can then look at your armor, or take one where you can socket ias jewel into it, see if you like the increase in speed and if it actuall helps you.
Strafe is generally effective from anywhere 10/3 (buri) to 7/2 (cruel matri). The choice mainly depends on your play style and the availability of weapons.



just thought i'd tell you my gear, and how easy it was to reach huge ias...

upgraded twitchthroe socketed w/15ias jewel: +35 ias
shael'd WF: +40 ias
mav's helm socketed w/15ias jewel: +45 ias
laying of hands: +20 ias
nosterafu's coil: +10 ias

total: + 150 ias

suggestion: twitch (great armor, my favorite)
15 ias jewels and shael's in weapons help a ton!
goldwrap also adds 10 ias + mf (upgrade it for exceptional for max slots)
mavs helm comes with 30 normal, and if worn with any other item, adds +1 to all skills

good luck


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Well, I'm swapping back and forth between GA & WF. When there's a pack of skele's, I swap to GA, otherwise, I like the knockback on WF plus the double damage to non-demons.

My amulet choices are: Atma's scarab, highlords (like the IAS, +skill) and crescent moon plus a variety of blue amulets (26 res all, +1 skills, +85 mana)

I haven't got a mav diadem or I would've swapped for it. After 3 years playing I saw my first two diadems drop last night (blue & white). What would an average mav's diadem cost runewise?

Thanks for your suggestions. I just wish I could afford'em easily! :)