Help for Fishymancer build


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Help for Fishymancer build

So, I've finished my fishymancer build at level 65 odd. max raise skeleton, max skeleton mastery, max corpse explosion, plus one point in all summon skills and all utility curses.

What do I put the rest of the points in.

The two options that I can see right now are bone armour + synergies, and bone spirit/spear for those unbreakable PI's.

I am leaning more towards the Bone spirit option. but any advice will be considered.


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PIs are rarely a problem... one because they are rare to begin with, and two most are breakable. If they arent breakable, and their are corpses around, they still die. If they arent breakable and their are NOT corpses around but you have elemental attack summons, skeletal mages, or merc with elemental damage weapon. They still die.

my fishy has max CE, 1 point in all curses, max SM, max RS, 1 pt in skeleton mage, 1 point summon, 1 point summon resist, the rest went into Iron golem, golem mastery and clay golem. That is preference, I use IK mauls to summon golems, I want them to last at least a while.

You could go all clay golem + golem mastery as well. Bone armor would be nice if you get hit a lot (I dont... I did get hit once the other day... scared me to death). As I stated above PIs are not much of a problem, nothing amp doesnt fix most of the time. Kinda a waste to spend points for such a rare situation IMHO.

but honestly once you have the core build down you can do whatever you want.


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How many +skills do you have? That is important to the question.

I am a huge fan of Dim Vision, so I naturally suggest a big investment there. Of course, I usually have weaker summons than you have here, so I need to protect them more. But think about it, the biggest threats to your necromancer is ranged attacks that 'spill over' from attacking your front ranks (espcially Slinger spears and Gloam lightning). Being able to fling the mouse pointer in their direction and hit more than a screen´s worth of space, shutting up all monsters but the bosses/champs for many seconds sure is a beutiful thing.

Beefing up the golem is another good option. I especially suggest more Golem Mastery, so an Iron Golem will live much longer. IG has many interesting 'utility' uses.


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Currently I'm sitting with + 4 to summoning and +2 to all. Giving me +6 on the summoning tree.

The only ranged attackers that give me any problems are those with pierce, and it's nothing a few quick attracts can't fix.

I don't really get hit all that often unless I do something stupid, like run away from my minions.

Hadn't thought about the Golem option. I might have a look at that.


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The only ranged attackers that give me any problems are those with pierce, and it's nothing a few quick attracts can't fix.
OK, so you are one of the players who like that skill. I have tried quite a number of times, but I just can´t come to tems with Confuse and Attract. They feel far too "chancy" for my taste.

At level 1+2, the duration of Attract can´t be good past Normal, can it?



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The only ranged attackers that give me any problems are those with pierce, and it's nothing a few quick attracts can't fix.
A (high level) Dim Vision is very nice for gloams, so very nice to have if you plan to run the WSK. (EDIT: you can blind them before you see them with a high level DV)

But as it's not needed, why not save them up until you see a problem.


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lvl 3 Attract is 19.3 secs in Normal, approx 4.75 Secs in Hell.

That's plenty of time to give your minions a chance to assume the position and for you to cast Amp (or whatever).

I'd put a few points in Summon resist to help your minions resist the Gloams (and other ele attacks).

A few points in revive are nice too so you can raise a few more minions - Extra CB is always nice.

If you are using a Golem - I usually summon my clay for the slowing - a few points in GM is nice, but they are not a priority.


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heh, im in gaz's position, my fishy is mid 80's i think..havent used the extra skill points yet because i really dont see a need to. i'll prolly put em in bone armour cause i dont think anything else is needed.


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i had a similar problem with my fishy (which fishy doesn't) and i ended up putting them all in bone armour synergies. if you go this road don't forget to leave bone armour at 1 and go for the synergies for higher bonus.

but it didn't do me any good at all, i will build another fishy soon(erased previous due to complete restart) and i will definately not go the bone armour route. i might go with the mages, only because someone suggested that it fits the concept :prop: and that's the best reason for the extra points. Distributing the points to your most used curses seems also reasonable to me. Whichever route i take, i will put 10 points to clay golem for the incresed life and %50 slow effect for sure though...


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My preference is to beef up my clay golem. Having a more durable golem, which slows monsters even more, can be a big boost. 1 point in bone armor, and some in bone wall will give you a little comfort room, but only works on physical attacks. Most of the time you're well out of reach.


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The only ranged attackers that give me any problems are those with pierce, and it's nothing a few quick attracts can't fix.

I am a little late to this party and my opinion is already out there, so let me add a little detail.

I don't know if you have played a fishy into the 90's before. If you have, you already know this but it might have value for other future fishys.

If you have not, and you intend to do so, let me assure you that you will eventually become sick and tired of gloams in WSK. They have an uncanny knack of finding you at the back of the pack. They are bugged (still), and do a lot more damage in Hell difficulty than they should or than you would expect. When you go down (and you will), you will have to go to another area to re-raise your army and spend a few minutes recovering your xp loss. This is a time-waster and very annoying to me (so I try to avoid it).

A high-level Dim Vision stops gloams from off the screen, something that Attract will not do. In my previous career as a high-level fishy, I would throw out a DV from the stairs on until I determined the monster pack. In addition, DV requires far less micro-management. If you have a decent mana pool and maxed CE, you can move pretty fast through levels that would otherwise be quite tedious with the Attract tactic.

I don't think you would find the points in Dim Vision wasted. That's my plan with my current fishy build, after I sprinkle a few points into revives, summon resist, and a couple of other curses.

Of course, as has also been said, you already have a build that will kick this game's butt all the way to 99. :sunny:



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Orcin, nice post.

Very good info about the benefits of DV.

Personally, I usually get away with one hard point into DV and boosted with +skills ... but certainly a high level DV is invaluable especially for WSK and other dangerous areas.

A couple of other points that I always rehash:

- max CE isn't necessary IMO. It's comes down to personal playstyle. For me, the difference between 8 yards and 12 yards isn't that much because i'll use attract and telestacking with my army that tends to bunch up monsters anyways thus lessening my need to have a larger CE radius. I can save some points into CE and put them into a stronger gumby, bone armor synergies, some more points into mages to hit the next breakpoint for one extra mage ...

- one point into bone armor, let the synergies bring it up.