Help - First time in Hell!


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Hi, it's my first time in hell and I'm playing a Sorceress Blizzard. I'm stuck in end of Act 2, is really hard fight against cold immunes and my merc (NM defensive with freeze)die in no time. I'm lvl 74 and it is my first character so I don't have really good items. I made a Treachery body armor for my merc and it's all I have.
Stat points invested in str 70 - dex base - vit 120 - energy all -.
My resistance is fire 75 - cold 50 - lightning 20 - posion 0 in hell mode.

What I need for continue? Still farming items, runes, exp?

Thank you very much!

(my build are "yellow random item" I'm waiting for Hell Meph for runs, but I can't reach it :p)


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I have little to no experience playing Sorc but if I was in your position I would be tempted to farm for some items and levels in Act 1 pits:

I hope someone with more experience than me can chime in but until that happens do a few pit runs and see what happens? Sorry!


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Hi! Thank you very much for answer. I will try do some runs in The Pit and show the results. Every help is welcome!


I would consider going back and running Nightmare Baal until I hit level 80, or at least 78 or so.

If you want to stay in Hell, a Blilzzard sorc is better suited for the Ancient Tunnels in Act 2 Lost City than the Pit in Act 1. The Ancient Tunnels have no normal Cold Immunes (there can still be a random champion that's Cold Immune, but it's pretty rare) while the Pit does. The Ancient Tunnels are level 85, and bosses there can drop from any treasure class, just like the Pit.

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Or run nightmare mephy, a soc should get you down there pretty quick and clean house. Also nightmare Andariel has pretty good chances of dropping SoJ, that might an option for a soc that could help.


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Ok, I will try all these things, I can do NM bosses easily, not "hiper-fast" but can do it. Thank you all for the help!


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I think your character has a completely wrong stats allocation. Blizzard has a cast delay and your merc is wearign the Insight runeword (if he doesn't, get one right away!), so you don't need any investments into energy. However, I wouldn't use a respec reward on that until you preceed to hell mode.

Str: Enough for gear.
Dex: Enough for gear (might just apply to the weapon). Ignore blocking.
Vit: All the rest.
Energy: Nothing.

In fights with cold immunes which you can't or don't want to avoid, you can help your merc by casting telekinesis on the monster to pin it to a wall and put it into hit recovery.

Regarding MF in hell mode, I would do a mix of the mentioned Tunnels and (once you can make it past the Councils in Travincal) Mephisto. I would not visit the Pits, there are too many dangerous cold immunes in there.