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Help: block on my Sin

Discussion in 'Hardcore' started by HCKull, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. HCKull

    HCKull IncGamers Member

    Sep 5, 2006
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    Help: block on my Sin

    I lost my last trapper in a1 hell because I had low block. I was using ancient pledge kite shield with low dext. The rest of my gear was pretty good. I had over 2k life, max resists with fade, SM at lvl 17 and a2 HF merc with infinity.

    I was entering 2nd lvl of the pit and encountered LI archers. My merc and SM decided to take a nap. LS and DS did not do anything. Then I got amp'ed and 3 quick hits and it was all over.

    I decided that I need to make some changes on my next sin. This time, after getting traps to be good killers, I am developing melee skills with DT and DF and getting max block.

    One side is CTA+shield for traps and the other claw+claw for melee. I have a unique kite shield with +1 pally and pdiamond for 34% rez and only getting like 18% block. Claws have 42% block as 1 claw has +2 block.

    I know that I need to replace my shield and get block to 75%. Thinking I would get the wistims (sp?) with 25% rez and 2 sockets. Not sure how much block for claw side.

    What should I do ?

  2. Hp_Sauce

    Hp_Sauce IncGamers Member

    Nov 16, 2004
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    I think you are confusing Whitstans Guard and Mosers Blessed Shield.

    Whitstans Guard shield is part of the Orphans call Set. It comes with +55 Blockign which gives it a total of 75% blocking, which is good for you because it means you need less Dex. It comes pre-packed with no resists at all though. You can of course socket it and insert a Pdiamond or a Um if you please.

    Mosers Blessed Circle shield comes with 2 open sockets, and +25 Resist All. Its chance to block is 55% though, which means if you want to have a 75% chance to block then you need quite a bit more Dex. The 2 sockets offer pretty impressive flexability though.

    Someone will be along to explain which one you should use over the other, and why. I haven't used either on a Sin so I can't really say.

    As far as your Claw/Claw switch goes, I would just put 1 point in Claw Block and then let +skills do the rest. Claw Block has a number of draw backs which many will be quick to point out to you, but it also has a number of advantages over a shield, which some will be quick to point out to you also.


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