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Help Blizzard create the resource systems!

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 General Discussion' started by slickr, Oct 26, 2010.

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    Help Blizzard create the resource systems!

    Blizzard reads these and other forums, that is very clear. Their community managers lurk these forums and maybe the guy bellow you is Bashiok.
    Anyways Blizzard has stated that they only have 1 finished resource system and that is the Monk one.

    So if you have a great idea about a resource system here is the place to post it. After all is done, I'd create a new thread where we would vote on the best idea and who knows when diablo 3 ships, your name maybe on the "credits" list.

    I'll start off with my rough idea...

    CIGAM - Wizzard resource system
    100 max cigam points
    Each spell cast adds 5 cigam points

    REWOP - Barbarian serource system
    100 max rewop points
    Each HP lost adds 1 rewop point.

    RETNUH - Demon Hunter resource system
    100 max retnuh points
    Each monster kill adds 5 retnuh points

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