Help a n00b sorc. best build for pit/meph


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Help a n00b sorc. best build for pit/meph

Title says it all I have alot of expierience with the other classes but it seems a sorc using Tal's full set could be a potent MF'er. I need to retire my level 90 necro he's good but a sorc is faster.

I will probably be using Tal's set for the MF / other bonues. and I would like to use the cold tree simply because I like freezeing stuff, though alot of things in the Pit are Cold immune.

so please tell me how to build a good 2 tree sorc preferably with 1 tree being cold although MF efficiency is top priority bar none. both skills and stats this is my first time excuse my noobism.



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For your stated preferences, a Blizzball using full Tal's will be ideal. Max either IceBlast or GlacialSpike depending on whether you want a single and powerful spammable spell (IB), or a group freeze but weaker spammable spell (GS).

The guides in the stickies serve the purpose of informing you on how to build a viable sorc. Look for Miladys-Knight's guide on how to build a Blizzball.

The only CIs in the Pits are Bone Warriors and Dark Stalkers, both of which will fall easily to the Blizzball's FBall and Meteor.


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yep. yep, yep. There's also a good metorb guide in the library. Either meteorb or blizzballer are excellent sorcs.