Help a druid noob


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Help a druid noob

been playing the game for a while but never made a druid. been looking over the builds in the thread stickied above but im just wanting a simple pvm druid but seems like most of those are pvp. what im wondering is what is a good pvm build and id prefer to go the lycantrhopy skills mostly. any good ideas?


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For shifting and pvm you will most likely enjoy fire claws or fury.

If you find yourself floating in alot of excess currency on realms try fire claws.

If you might not be able to invest too much in him, try to find an ik maul and go with fury. Not too hard to get threw the game with that.

If you really want to try, try a fire claw druid {usually bear}, that put 1 point into rabies & fury also. That way you can some times go as a wolf when you know there will be fire immunes.

Fire / fury is imo the most cost effective pvm shifter for you.


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Welcome to the Druid Forum.

Werewolf builds are pretty good start. The PvP build that is made by stoutewolf & co is quite comprehensive and the Fury/Rabies build is very suitable for PvM and PvP ( The only difference between a PvP Druid and a PvM Druid, from my understanding is the flexibility of items. In PvP, you have a smaller selection of items aimed at optimisation of all factors (FPA, FHR, etc etc) whereas PvM you can lack certain items without seriously compromising your entire game.

I would suggest you build a Fury/Rabies PvP werewolf and try to get most of the items. If you can't start of with all the best items, no big deal. Start with the minimum, a decent weapon (Even an IK Maul should be sufficient for PvM) and Jalal's Mane. Fill the rest with budget items. Then just play PvM and slowly work towards filling the budget items out and optimising your Druid.

Eventually you'll have a decent PvM Druid that can easiliy converted to PvP.

Good luck.