hellow... hellow...


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hellow... hellow...

i quit from playing diablo last year (june 2005)
not too long ago, i received emails from two people on the forum.
that brought me some memories that i should have forgotten... the actions... the joy finding an elite unique...

and here i am.

its amazing how the game keep calling you from distance... not too far...
its in your head.

yesterday i checked my save files that i saved last year.
the files still there... my main stash... my IK barb... my fishymancer... nothin changed. its more like a returning to summer cottage after a long winter. nothing's changed.
although now we have 1.11 version...

nice to get back here. nice to see all of you again. and uh... think i need to download the 1.11 patch :p


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Indeed, this game does have a (sometimes annoying) ability to draw you in, especially when you shouldn't be playing it. I'm playing it at work as we speak. Good to see you back!