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Hey everyone,

I haven't played this game since you could run around with 40 hexes in your inventory. I am back and having a blast. I play on US West and am always looking for new friends on this game. Currently, I have a level 87 bowazon which i mostly use for PvP, and I also have a level 80 summoner I am going to try and MF with. I have some pretty cool items up for trade and am looking for a few things too. If you wanna duel sometime or do some quests or whatever just reach out to me! This game is fun :D


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Hi I am new to the forum! I mostly play single player. My favourite chars are Barbarian and Paladin and I love to do unusual things with them. I use GoMule and a RWM when I play.

On my youtube channel I display some of my builds and I intend to do some playtroughs with commentary as well https://www.youtube.com/user/malawigw/videos
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