Hello OTF Forum, I am making what i think is my first post in the OTF forum, but i'm not exactly new to D2net or the forum at all. I'm a longtime lurker at D2net, i've been here since the blue forums, if anyone here remembers then. At that time i think i was around 10 or at some other tender age at which i should have not been playing the addictive game that is D2net. Anyways now i'm 15, and I've just rediscovered D2. Its been maybe at least six months since i've been here, having been quite active during Ladder Season Two as a Wind Druid. My rush for the top was cut short unfortunately by my parents who claimed i was playing way too much for my own good. By the way i'm Korean. We're known as a nation that plays way too many video games. On the other hand korean students are probably worked harder than any other nation. Although it was summer vacation, my gaming ways was not pleasing to my parents and i was quickly resorted to watching the Olympics for entertainment.

I embarked that September to one of the top prep schools in America, obviously in the Northeastern region. I enjoy the school. Before i went, i was a bit afraid, that i would not fit in. Luckily my english is perfect, so i had no fears about miscommunications due to language. I found out that due to the diversity of my school, i was able to fit in. I had almost no problems with my Asian heritage, maybe a few snickers about the supposed size of my little friend and the stereotype of being good at a Math and Science, but all in good humor. After having undergone 2 terms (my school has 3 terms) and back home on Springbreak, i discovered that my dastardly parents had uninstalled all games from my computer. It was not too bad because i found a few interesting online games, a few rpgs that ultimately led me back to wanting to play D2. Since i wanted to play D2, i decided to come back to D2net. After dropping off to check some guides, i was ultimate drawn to the OTF forum.

When i was in 7th grade, the OTF forum was a great thing for me. Everyday, after school, i would surf the forums, checking the new issues, finding about people thousands of miles away from me. I grew to respect some of these online responsibilities, wonder in amazement about others and disdain others. At first, i was inclined to mistrust the words of many, reasoning that this was the internet. However over time, i began to trust the words of most of the community, a trust that i hope is not misplaced The OTF forum, weirdly to say, has probably influenced alot of who i am. I suspect it has given me a liberal bias, some notables being Anyee and later on Dross. I read about drinking, sex and politics; things i have never thought of discussing of before. Of all the strengths of my Korean culture, which i have great pride in, it is conservative to the extreme. I know this seems kind of sad, but the OTF forum kind of opens me up the world. It made me ponder many issues that i have never even heard of before, while providing me with countless hours of entertainment. Atheism really began to flourish in my mind and i began a Democrat, if not a liberal. You might claim that 7th grade is an impressionable time and that I'm foolish to think that i could have very educated positions, rather that I was being brainwashed by strong-minded individuals but I beg to differ. I believe the OTF forum was a big part in how i think today.

Returning after a 6month hiatus, i discovered many changes. It no longer seemed as active. Anyee is but a memory and many other people have gone. I just read the Circumsision thread and i found out that D2netDad was somewhat retired. I enjoyed reading his posts, which were consistently articulate and serious. Ash Houseawares had amasses an almost god like post count of 17k posts or something ridiculous like that. People i have never seen before have over a thousand posts. Many of the females (by many i mean 4 or 5 of course) are gone, though Zep is still holding the fort down for the girls (I do miss that paw shaped tattoo though). I might of course be wrong of course, (and i hope i'm wrong) having only been "back" for a few days. There are no fond welcomes for me, a mere forum lurker, but it feels um.. nostalgic to be seeing a thread like http://www.rpgforums.net/showthread.php?t=332495.

Now instead of a 7th or 8th grader who had never lived in America, i am a seasoned Ninth Grade Vet, with 6!! months of life in America. I've intermingled with many different people in America, seen someone smoke pot for the first time, i'm altogether a very different person from who i was last summer. However I've created another barrier. From the posts of many of the people here, the majority have gone to public school or attend public school. Its been something that i've been burning to know about. I guess this long winded post of mine has dwindled down to one question.

What do people who go to Public School view people who go the prep schools as? What is the stereotype and what do you think?

Feel comfortable about saying the truthful answers to my questions, no matter how harsh they are.

P.S. I do hope this doesn't seem obnoxious; me coming out of nowhere, asking a bold question and claiming to know anything about the OTF forum. I do realize that my post is at some points incoherent and is not an exemplary piece of writing and that it is merely the (boring) ramblings of a young teenager. However, please bear with me; Its the kind of post that is a result of me trying to stay up the whole night before my long plane ride back to America, and wanting to say something to a forum that i've frequented so much


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Welcome to the OTF!

I think we called them "preppies" as a stereotype in my day.

Personally, I always tried to look past the stereotype to see the person inside.

It's been many a moon since I was in school, so I will defer any other comments to our younger posters.

Enjoy your stay!
Ash Houseawares had amasses an almost god like post count of 17k posts or something ridiculous like that.
i found that especially funny ;) lol ash

wb to the otf, im in a similar position toyou. im chinese, in a private school (not ridiculously preppy or anything though), and 14 years old. i used to read the forums when i was like 12 or something but not post, and it wasnt in the otf, mainly just the strategy forums. now, im an active poster though.

the otf is loads of fun, and in addition, it can be educational and improve your thinking and writing (i believe star stage gurl posted a while ago about the benefits and how she got into her top choice colleges with our help =p).

anyways, hope you have fun here. :D


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Korean ehh?

............ ................................ ................................ .......................................................... ......................................... ............................................. ..............................................

(theres on that'll take you guys back)


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Hi there,

Ya preps...didn't much care for them...mainly becasue they had more money(or their families did), and didn't mind showing it with cars,clothes,various other items. And also attracted the prep girls (whom I did like), mainly becasue its easier for a prep girl to date a prep guy...makes more sense I guess.
I was in that bunch between the stinky poor, cowboy area...we were basically called the roughneck bunch. We were easy to find becasue we were always wrestling, playfighting..and very loud. We made preps afraid becasue not only were most of us the tough bunch of the high school..we also didn;t mind getting our clothes dirty..and messing up peoples hair.
Tho we had wars with the preps..several in fact. My 10th and 11th grade year were very rough. After school fights at the so called "gravel road"..and late night rumbles in the General Dollar parking lot. Needless to say..I love to fight even to today, but those days were a tad bit nerve racking.
But I look at my now-a-day wife and wonder....I bet those preps never thought I would be with such a beautiful girl and have what I alrdy have...those suckers. I win.;)

But ya welcome fella...Cyas.


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A lot of the kids in my neck of the woods went to private schools because they were affiliated with different religious organizations, most of them Catholicism. There's actually a GCL sports conference in my area: Greater Catholic League. They usually have some pretty strong teams, especially in football, as they can afford to recruit a bit.

I never really thought any different of kids who went to private schools. I live in an area where the public school system is very strong, and as far as I know, all educational needs can be met very well by the public schools. Usually I was just disappointed to find out a friend was going to private school because it meant I probably wouldn't see them again.


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Hi, i wouldn't worry about being a "preppy", if you don't make it a big deal to anyone, it's likely they won't bother to make it big deal to you.

It's cool that you were able to look a bit deeper inside yourself thorugh this forum....I always thought it funny that this strange amalgamation of ideas with strict rules on posting behavior has created a situation where ideas are really examined without much notice of obnoxious trolling, spamming or whatnot.

Do be careful to not pigeon hole yourself too much into your new liberal label. Don't worry too much what the other kids at your school think, you'll only stay friends with a few from hogh school, maybe a couple more from college, and everyone else will fall off. Just be yourself, be real, and date as many women as possible. :)

you'll be fine.
welcome to the OTF.

Here's a quick trouting!


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Give me a P! Now, give me a mop and bucket!

Most kids I know that went to public school really didn't care whether or not another kid went to prep school unless the latter kid started to make an issue of it. The thing to keep in mind is that everyone is entitled to an opinion (by keeping that in mind, I've avoided a lot of conflicts) even if it differs from your own.


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welcome back. i am new to the forums but not too awful new to D2. i agree with ya on the note that this forum can be quite informative! i will tell ya, not a day goes by now that i do not envision a human body part in my food (RE: the wendy's thread) LOL. anyway, i think you will do very well regardless of where you are studying. you seem to be quite a level headed and determined young fellow. good luck with school, living in this country and MOST IMPORTANTLY getting back in the D2 games!!! ;)

see ya round lil' dude!