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Well I just wanted to introduce myself.
I have played the realms a lot but found it more satisfying to play Singleplayer. I have played DII LOD since the beginning, took a break and waited eagerly for 1.10 and now I started playing again. I had to start from scratch (only saved a lvl 5 barb, lol). But it still is great to do. And then I thought of starting to save all Uniques. And guess what, I am not the only one! Well that's it for now. I like this forum (read it for some weeks now) a lot and I will stop by more often now. (thanks for ATMA and the medievalmart !!)
AND GOODLUCK WITH THE MFLYMPICS *Slaps capslock* count me in next time :lol:
Hey there :howdy:
If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
Have a drink at the EMB on me :)


Edit: Sorry about not explaining, but I knew Robin would do a better job than I ;)


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hi there and welcome to the wonderful world of he SPF :lol:
have another drink on me at the EMB, the EMB is our local bar where you can just sit and relax from all that hard work in the filthy world of demons :)

hope you'll enjoy your stay here



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It seems you have already been informed about EMB :D

Go check our FAQ and stickies too if you haven't yet

Have nice time here!



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It works !
I really needed that one. My working day is long from over, hehe
And thanks for the warm welcome !