Hello there!


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Hello there!

Greetings SPFers!

I've been playing on the USEast SC Ladder on and off for the last two ladder seasons, and I decided it's time to give single player a try again - I haven't sat down and played a SP character in probably 2+ years. I opened up D2 today, deleted all my old SP characters since I have no idea if they're "clean" or not, and started up a brand new sorceress. I play 1.11 softcore, and I also decided to install RRM/RWM. My preferred characters are sorceresses and necromancers...on Bnet I've got 2 sorcs and 3 or 4 necros as we speak. Thinking of trying to build a hammerdin or FI barb at some point.

Beyond D2, I am the leader of a medium-sized WoW guild. D2 is my escape ;) In the real world, I'm one of the few, proud women who like video games *grins* and I've managed to get my husband hooked on a fair share of them over the years. Other than that, I work as an insurance agent but am looking to change jobs over the next couple weeks and find something that pays better.




An EU!!! Welcome!!! Glad to be the first one to welcome you!!

PS: We have two now, Cat and Kat :badteeth:


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Likewise, nice to meet you :smiley:

Toss-up between a CL/FO sorc and a Corpse-popping Golemancer. I've played sorcs a lot more this ladder season so I'm kind of biased in that direction. I love MFing!


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@ Mursilis: Elite Unique = female SPF member
@ Kat: Welcome. To repeat Suiling sentiment, it's nice to see another EU on here. At least you don't have to worry about the shin kickers. :afro:


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shin kickers are evil, beware of them
they can't kick an EU, but...
*bite Katalaeia*


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Wait. What? I can't be an elite unique because I have a penis? Ah, life is difficult.

Hi Katalaieaiayaaieeyaiaa. Welcome (though I'm a nooblet meself).



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Welcome to the SPF. Can I assume you are an ATMA user if you MF often?
What part of our little world do you live in?
Come on! more info!


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Thanks for the welcomes!

/bites Nebux back in greeting

/whap Socialism...you know my EverQuest friends used to do that to me back when I played that game, too...memories memories :grin:

I live in the midwest US. I've installed ATMA and I think I know how it works but haven't actually used it yet. All my MF experience previously has been on the ladders and I've had to rely on Notepad to post my lists *grin* If you search my name you'll see I've gone in spurts as far as being active.

Managed to complete the Den and kill Blood Raven last night on my baby sorc, without dying! I had forgotten how hard the early levels can be when playing by oneself.


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Welcome! Here's your offical goodie basket of baked goods, squid repelant, and EU lounge key (it's in the EMB, but we only allow the boys in occasionaly to sit at our feet on floor cusions.)

The lounge is fully stocked with cookies and all sorts of other goodies you might need or want; so stop on by some time. Hmm, read the SPF FAQ, we're a little... odd; don't mind nubex, he's got his shots just last month; no cookies for him though, they might make him sick, and that should about cover it!


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(it's in the EMB, but we only allow the boys in occasionaly to sit at our feet on floor cusions.)
Hmmm...any of them particularly good at giving foot massages? :wink3:
Welcome, Katalaeia! I think the rest of these folks covered the basics, so I'll just add that it's always great to get another EU.

This statement will most likely be the death of me, but I like to live dangerously:

I don't give foot massages, but I am particularly good at neck, shoulder and upper back work.


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Awesome, $6. I have a friend who is also a licensed massage therapist, and I've had the good fortune to sample his work a couple of times over the past years.

I'll save you a pillow :grin:


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Welcome, have a read of the stickies and enjoy yourself.