Hello, I am new and already have a question


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Hello again,
I have not found anything on google regarding this question, so I thought that someone might know this here.
The last time I played D2(many years ago, 10+) I remember that there was a goblin/gremlin like thing near bloodraven that dropped lots of stuff, however when I killed bloodraven now she dropped only a few items. So I was meaning to ask if any of you know what version of the game was when bloodraven or that gremlin/goblin dropped lots of stuff. Also, is cow farming still viable in version 1.14?

Thank you in advance


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Welcome to the forums! I don't remember a critter that dropped a lot of stuff near her. I also do not think her drop was nerfed but it could have been in a patch years ago and I just don't remember. Check out our single player forum too. That's where you'll find a lot of answers.


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You have Rakanishu in Stony Field, guarding the Tristram entrance. You also have Bishibosh in Cold Plains.


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It probably was a modded version of some sort. My neighbor lent me a cd copy of d2 and the box did look legit, with cd keys and stuff. I did some digging myself and I found that none of the official versions contained that gremlin looking thing. Also there were those cows(which are in the secret cow level) in the field in which the monastary gate is and in hard difficulty there was a dungeon in the same field in which contained brown looking diablos(I was possibly bugged because of the scratched disc but I doubt it), so I am sorry for starting a useless thread and thank you for your answers.