hello from a new guy!


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hello from a new guy!

How's it going everyone?

I bought diablo 2 WAY back when it first came out and played off and on, got the xp, played a little more, but never really got into it. I don't think I ever had a character that beat nightmare! But I have had a ton of time at home lately, and was looking for something to do, so I fired up my old D2 and started playing. This game is WAY cooler than I remembered, and I've been having fun playing again.

Been playing a concbarb, and I just beat nightmare level today. Also have enjoyed assassins and paladins in the past. I like characters that go toe-to-toe with the bad guys, rather than magicuser types. And I always go softcore, hardcore is WAY too manly for me :)

I'm a 26 year old guy, living on the west coast. I'm married, have an 18 month old son, and a little girl on the way. Right now I'm home because of a pretty bad traffic accident I was involved in at work, so that's why I have so much time on my hands. Other than videogaming, I enjoy reading, sports, and movies. Love to spend time with friends and family.

So thats a little about me, look forward to seeing you all around on the forums!


Welcome! Sorry to hear about your accident - have a Full Rejuvenation potion on me. Ever play MP?

- Noodle


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hey hey, welcome to spf,

hope you enjoy ur time here,
Gratz with the kids :)

(btw, UR OLD) (compared to me :p)



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Welcome! Enjoy these cookies and get better soon. I doubt fb will try to kick a guy when he's down, but you should still watch out for him and the squid. read the stickies, join a tourney (they're a great way to pass the time), and stop on by the EMB or the DooL for a sympathetic ear.


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What a coincidence my Concentrate barb just beat Nightmare too:)

Anyways welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay!

Married+kids and you still have time to play Diablo 2...Hail to you Champion:)
Amidala said:
(btw, UR OLD) (compared to me :p)
We're all old compared to you. even pinky is older.
Anyway, welcome to the SPF traumajupiter!
I would shin kick you, but it appears your dashbaord beat me to it. Just let us know when your fully recovered and i'll have a spare shin kick waiting for you.


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Welcome to SPF. I don't realy like shin kicking, I limit my violence to video games, but ill gladly buy you a drink and the EMB since both seem to be traditions in this place.